“What-If?” Presents Canning and Supplies

“What-if?” the worrisome words arrive in the conscious topics spinning in the mind, from safety and financial security to loved ones and pet health.  Asking, “What can I do?” leads […]

AIR FRYER Crispy Parmesan Fries

Prep time:  10 minutes Cooking Time:  15 minutes Total Time:  25 minutes Servings:  3-4 INGREDIENTS 2 large Zucchini 2 eggs 1 cup flour 2 tsp Garlic Powder 1 tsp Italian […]

Creative Uses for Coffee Grounds

Some titles have a way of screaming out directly to you, the reader!  “Coffee” (above) undoubtedly grabbed your attention.  It’s our absolute favorite drink, next to water, and is consumed […]

Be Kind Coffee: The Fall Menu

School is back in season, and that means the fall season is right around the corner.  For many, fall is a favorite season.  Certainly, that is the case for the […]

Sambucus Nigra: Oh, How I Love Thee

The Hippocratic Oath remains a promise of safe healing from a man whom legend defines as the demi-god of medicine, the son of Apollo himself, the god of healing and […]

Eat the Flower, It’s Good for You

The mindset believes that nourishing foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens, and animal proteins.   Flowers, on the other hand, are exquisite extensions of plants, fortifying the pollinating community of […]

The Rosey Side of Rosemary

“There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance.  Pray you, love, remember.” ~ William Shakespeare “Dew of the Sea” Rosmarinus, known as rosemary, is a fragrant sprig connected to remembrance, love, and fidelity.  […]

(High Protein) Spicy Chili Dumplings

These (High Protein) Spicy Chili Dumplings with a tender ground turkey, spicy ginger filling are packed with flavor and beyond easy to make! Perfect for making with the family, for […]