Calvary Day School Adds Transitional Kindergarten Program


Calvary Day School is committed to meeting the needs of all of our students and families. In an effort to reach all of our students where they are in their development journey, Calvary has identified the need for the addition of a full-day Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program. This program is specifically tailored to provide students with an opportunity to ease into Kindergarten with the introduction of Transitional Kindergarten.

“Transitional Kindergarten gives students another year to experience life and explore the world around them before jumping on the ‘formal’ school train,” explained CDS Lower School Principal Mary Jane Morgan. “Some students need the extra year to mature socially and emotionally, while others need the ‘gift of time’ to develop their academic skills in a play-based environment.”

Also, Morgan noted, in a world where focus and distractibility issues are growing, some research has shown a decrease in inattention and hyperactivity ratings at the ages of 7 and 11 for students who delayed starting kindergarten.

“Transitional Kindergarten classes will provide opportunities for positive socialization, hands-on learning, and emergent literacy,” Morgan added. Transitional Kindergarten is an all-day program that provides an opportunity to ease the transition from preschool to Kindergarten while experiencing a longer day, lunch at school, and designated rest time. While academic objectives are similar to traditional Kindergarten, with small class size and more individualized instruction, Transitional Kindergarten provides an environment conducive to social and emotional growth and maturity. This allows students time for development without repeating a grade and/or curriculum.

As CDS Preschool Coordinator Mary Lynn England summed up, “Transitional Kindergarten is perfect for any child who needs a little more time before entering a formal Kindergarten room, but needs more challenging objectives than a traditional four-year-old program.”

CDS also offers a variety of weekly special classes to develop students in all areas. The specials offered include Chapel, Art, Media Center, P.E., and Music. With the Transitional Kindergarten program, students will begin attending weekly specials mid-year as they become more acquainted with the all-day program atmosphere.

To be eligible for this class, the student must turn five years old by August 1, 2020, or must have completed a four-year-old program.

CDS Admissions Director Becky Wood said, “We are always excited to share new educational options with our prospective CDS families. The addition of the new TK program in preschool will give them one more choice to fit the needs of older students who may not be ready for traditional Kindergarten.”

Students in the new program will also be able to participate in the Calvary Before & After School Care Program, allowing flexibility for their family, if needed.

For more information, please visit, e-mail, or call 336-765-5546.



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