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If you picked up this issue, you already know it’s a special one! Emily Davis, owner of Fleet Feet Winston-Salem, is on the cover and she is one phenomenal woman. I’ve considered her a role model for as long as I’ve known her. She and her husband, Keith, started this business venture more than 17 years ago, and they have always kept faith and family at the center of it. I won’t spoil the story though; you can read all about Emily, her beautiful family and her incredible business starting on page 24. 

I shared a bit of a vulnerable story on social media a few days ago, and I thought it may be appropriate to share with the readers of Forsyth Family, too. This story is about family. My mom and I, specifically. We’ve had some big struggles over the past year and a half. My decision to open a CrossFit gym and her decision to start LKN Magazine fell at the exact same time. Two MAJOR (completely unplanned) life changes happening all at once. The stress and anxiety levels were insanely high. Neither of us were physically nor emotionally able to offer the level of support to each other that we normally would have. I remember feeling so discouraged and wondering if we’d ever come out on the other side of this “rut.” I worried our relationship was permanently damaged. 

I’m happy to report that we did, in fact, come out of the rut and are stronger than ever. Our mother-daughter relationship and our business relationship are truly the best they’ve ever been. LKN Magazine is absolutely thriving, and I couldn’t be more proud of my mom. The gym is celebrating our one-year anniversary this month, and I’m continuously blown away with the incredible community being built at Washington Park CrossFit. Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family are growing and changing in ways I never expected. This experience has taught me the importance of following your dreams and giving yourself grace while simultaneously pushing through the inevitable hard times life throws at us. It’s also taught me the importance and value of supporting your loved ones with their dreams. 

This issue of Forsyth Family is chock full of content that I just know you’ll enjoy! From recipes and restaurant features to local events and local business features…we’ve got a little bit of everything. A few highlights: 

  • Sage & Salt Bistro (previously Willow’s Bistro) is freshly renovated and open for business! Check them out on page 10. 
  • UNCSA presents The Nutcracker! Read more on page 38. 
  • Looking for a unique hostess gift this holiday season? Head to page 40. 
  • November 13th is “World Kindness Day,” and we have two great articles on the topic of kindness. Check out pages 30 and 62. 

Wishing you a November full of gratitude!

All my best, 


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