Bonnie’s House

Some people leave behind a mark that is so significant, we have to honor them. We have to find some tangible way to let their name and legacy live on. Such is the case for a woman named Bonnie Felk. Bonnie passed away on June 26, 2020, and those who knew her remember her as a woman with a sweet smile, a loving heart and a generous spirit. She was a devout Christian who invested her time advocating for the sanctity of life at Compassion Care Ministries.

“Bonnie joined our team in November, 2008,” said Compassion Care Center’s executive director, Jennifer Hemric. “Since I only had five months of seniority in the organization, we worked closely together, learning the ministry side-by-side. Everyone in our organization loved Bonnie, and she was a diligent, hardworking woman who truly loved the women we serve.”

Jennifer continued, “At Compassion Care Center, we welcome women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancy situations. It was a perfect mission for Bonnie, for whom this wasn’t just a job – it was a calling. She loved to nurture and love on these women, many of whom were scared, alone and uncertain of their next steps. After we lost Bonnie last year, we knew we wanted to do something to honor her life and years at Compassion Care Center. But, we weren’t sure what we wanted to do.”

While the team mulled over their options, God was already at work with a plan. Companion Ministries of Yadkinville, whose mission is to provide homes for the homeless, had been given some land. Their ministry envisioned a tiny house community; however, they could only put one house on the property per the town regulations. The two organizations had worked together in the past, and since they could not create the tiny house community they envisioned, they decided to donate the tiny house and lot to Compassion Care Center.

“Bonnie was aware of the house being built,” said Jennifer. “Unfortunately, she never had a chance to see it, but she was excited for the work Companion Ministries was doing. It was a generous donation that will allow us to help young women with unexpected pregnancies have temporary housing to get on their feet. It’s a retreat meant to help those in need in a time of crisis. As we prepared for the house’s ribbon-cutting, the idea to name it “Bonnie’s House” seemed perfect. A fitting tribute to a woman who was loved by both Compassion Care Center and Companion Ministries. We are so pleased that Bonnie’s legacy lives on through such a wonderful asset to our center. Everyone who knew and loved her agreed that it was a befitting tribute!”

Women who find themselves pregnant and without support should contact Compassion Care Center. For those who would like to donate to Bonnie’s House’s upkeep and costs, payments may be sent to Compassion Care Center, with a notation that the funds should be designated for Bonnie’s House.

Compassion Care Center is located at 321 West Main Street in Yadkinville. Learn more about Compassion Care Center at or call 336.679.7101. You may also text 336.258.0253.


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