Blended Family: Enduring the Transition

Transitioning into a blended family is difficult. There’s so much going on, important life situations, such as separation, divorce, or loss. If you’re having a hard time dealing with your new step-family, try looking at things from a different vantage point and find a way to love your blended family more.


More diverse personalities.When you have a group of various personalities, they may either mesh or clash. Most of the time, step-families struggle because of this. But remember, opposites attract under one condition: both parties must be open to accepting each other’s differences. Just think how dry a one-dimensional household would be. Diverse personalities open the door to needed multiple viewpoints when you want an issue resolved. Also, when the family gets together for a family function, different energies combine to create a dynamo of a fun time!

Learn different cultures and traditions.Being part of a blended family can easily be an eye-opening and a mind-expanding experience. Some families end up blending with different cultures or races. This gives one a chance to learn the history, traditions, customs, and popular foods of a given culture. If you love cultural studies, keep this advantage in mind!

More support.More family members mean more love and support. Naturally family will support your desires and pursuits. You will have more people attending your sports events, parties; more people praying for you; more people helping you build your business or organization; and more promoters. If living with extra people feels crowded, remember that this likely means you have amplified support!

Hefty family events.When nuclear families get together for an event, it’s always enjoyable. But with blended families, there’s a bigger element of surprise, because their traditions may be much different from the way your family does things. There may be a different brand of entertainment. For instance, they may have a different set of games, interests, or activities for everyone to partake in.


What does everyone enjoy doing together?Finding mutual interests, passions, and traditions really binds a family together by establishing common ground. Once the common ground is solidified, it becomes easier to birth conversation. Find what your natural family enjoys doing with your blended family and bond over that.

Explore different age groups.Step-parents can bond with their step-children, and older step-siblings can bond with the younger ones. This will help you appreciate each other more by getting to know each other and understanding their role in the family. Perhaps an older step-sibling will help a younger one through high school. Perhaps a step-daughter will make her step-mother realize what having a daughter feels like.

Blended siblings, unite! If you’re an only child, relish this command, especially if you’ve always wanted a sibling! With your new blended family, it’s likely that you will be blessed with some siblings on your hierarchal level. If you already have natural siblings, a new set of siblings will add a new dynamic. Create an open line of communication with not only step-siblings, but with step-parents as well. That way, you feel like you can talk to them about anything. Step-family members are not to be treated as strangers.

Have dinner together frequently.This is the one time during the day when everyone sits together and converses about their day or what’s on their minds. Do this with no mobile devices to distract you. This is one of the greatest ways to broaden the line of communication with each other.


It takes time to adjust.It may take up to years to fully accept a new family, depending on what’s happening in life. Novel family members coming into your life may be intimidating, because everyone feels like strangers to one another. But the more time we spent together, the more we started to feel like family.

Conflict may take longer to overcome, because we may not fully understand their personalities, pasts, or habits. But the more we know about them, the sooner we make amends.

Loyalty makes family.While sharing bloodlines technically constitutes a family, loyalty keeps the family alive and strong!

Learn how to embrace your blended family in such a way that blood ties wouldn’t necessarily make you all closer!



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