Back-to-School Traditions: 5 Ideas to Build Memories with Your Kids on Their Big Day

Can you remember all those first-day-of-school jitters you had as a kid? There was the excitement about a whole new year ahead, mixed with some of those unknowns about new teachers, students, and possibly a whole new school! Creating something special for your kids to look forward to on the first day of school will also give them something to look back at fondly in their memories as they get older! Here are a few simple, yet special, back-to-school traditions you can choose from to bring to your own students this school year! 

#1 Back-to-School Breakfast 

Start their day off strong with a healthy and fun breakfast! Sure, most mornings are going to be hectic and without time for something like this, but making their first day feel special can mean a lot to them. Decide that week what you’re going to make, so you have all the ingredients ahead of time and can set out some of what you need the night before. Whether it’s French toast sticks from the freezer or homemade waffles with bacon, choose something your kids will be excited about. Make it extra special with a fun tablecloth or cartoon party plates! They will head out for their big day feeling full in more ways than one! 

#2 School Supplies Scavenger Hunt

You know that school supply list that your student’s school sends out each year? Why not save a few of the supplies your kid will be most excited about for a scavenger hunt the day before school starts? You can hide things like crayons, markers, a pencil case, and glue around the house and give them clues on where to find which item next. Once they find everything on the list, they can have fun getting their backpack ready for the big day with you. You can even add in a special prize like a pack of stickers to decorate their notebooks or a small giftcard to go get frozen yogurt after school the first week. 

#3 First Day of School Milk & Cookies  

There’s something just so comforting about the timeless snack, cookies & milk! Your kids don’t need something fancy to make a great memory with you and this after-school snack tradition can be just the ticket! Pick out their favorite cookie dough (store-bought is just fine) and have the cookies ready when your student comes home. To add a little fun flair, you can set up a blanket in the backyard or living room to make a special picnic together and drink out of Mason jars with some fun paper straws. Take a “back to school” selfie together as you enjoy your cookies & milk and talk all about how their first day went! 

#4 DIY Back-to-School Time Capsule                               

While a whole school year can feel so intimidating at the start, the months really do fly by and so much changes within one year! Have some crafty fun together with your child by creating a time capsule filled with special things and thoughts for their year ahead. Start with a basic Mason jar that is large enough to use every year! You can include a school fortune calendar that they fill out predicting things about this school year and what they will learn, whom they will meet, their favorite subjects or experiences. You can include a photo of them from the first day or trace their handprint to put inside. Make sure to include a note that says, “Do not open until the last day of school!” Keep it somewhere safe all year and on the last day they will have fun seeing everything inside and realizing how much they’ve grown!                             

#5 “Hello Teacher” Welcome Note  

One of the most important people your student will be seeing, not only on their first day of school, but the whole year through, is their teacher! Print out or grab a piece of construction paper with the words “Hello Teacher” at the top. Next, you can let your child write a letter to their new teacher, or if you have a little one, you can help them write it. This is the perfect time to share a few fun things about who your child is and what they are most excited about for this year. Their teacher will love it and your child will remember this growing up!


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