Baby Products That Adults Can Use

Having a baby comes with a whole new spectrum of products that begin to show up in your home. So many products are marketed specifically for babies; however, most of them have very practical uses for adults, too. Here is a list of some alternative uses for some of the stuff that comes along with your baby.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a super handy product to have around. This is a standard product to keep in your car and around your house for all sorts of things. Probably the most common way for an adult to use this product is as a gentle makeup remover. But that’s not all. Lots of people use them to clean leather furniture and say that the ones with shea butter are the best for this chore.  They are also great to wipe your hands with after you pump gas or before you eat, if you are on the go. Even though they aren’t a disinfectant, they do clean up a variety of things very well.

Baby Skin Care Products

In case you didn’t know, skin care lotions that are marketed for babies can be an excellent choice for adult skin. These products tend to have fewer additives and are very gentle. They often feel light on your skin and are absorbed quickly. You will still need to think about the dryness or oiliness of your skin before you find a product that will work best for you. The products marketed for babies with eczema are excellent for dry skin. The everyday moisturizers work better for people who have oilier skin. Baby oil is another product you might want to try, too; it is excellent at gently removing waterproof mascara and can also help moisturize skin. 

Baby Sunscreen

Baby sunscreen is a great alternative to using the adult stuff. Both products have the same basic ingredients to protect your skin from the sun. The difference lies in what else they add in. The baby version has fewer additives, to protect baby’s sensitive skin, and is designed to provide better coverage, as well as usually having a higher SPF. This isn’t probably your top choice for a daily sunscreen under your makeup, but should be your go-to if you are spending the day on the lake or at the beach.

Baby Hair Products

Just like the baby skin care products, baby hair products are much gentler and safer for your hair. They have fewer of the additives that can be drying and damaging. Baby hair detangler is a great product, especially for curly hair, and can be used as a leave-in conditioner, too. Likewise, baby shampoo has a few great alternative uses. Lots of people like it as a gentle face wash. And it can also be used to as laundry detergent when you are hand-washing your delicates. It is even safe and gentle enough to use on cashmere.

Baby Powder

This baby product has a lot of uses in the adult world.  Baby powder is used to prevent friction, so it can be used to help prevent chafing in sensitive areas.  It also absorbs moisture, which makes it a great stand-in for dry shampoo, deodorant, and foot powder.  The best thing it can do is help remove sand that gets stuck on your body when you are at the beach. 


Have you ever had a little too much to drink? Well, there is a baby product that can help with that. One main cause of a hangover is dehydration. They electrolytes in Pedialyte can help replace the sodium and potassium you lose when drinking and help you get hydrated faster. The flavors available might be a little easier to stomach than plain water—and even better, they make popsicles!   

So many baby products are not just for babies.  Most of them have several alternative adult uses you just don’t know about.  The ones listed above are merely a start to what you might discover when you explore the possibilities of use for these products.




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