August 2020 “From the Heart”

I continue to feel like I am living in the “Twilight Zone” (imagine the Twilight Zone theme song playing in the background now).  This marks the fifth “From the Heart” I have written since COVID-19.  Governor Cooper just announced we will remain in Phase 2 for another three weeks (another two by the time this publishes).  Like the rest of the world, I am tired of this!  I am most tired of not seeing smiling faces back at me because smiling is my jam!  I am tired of having mini-panic attacks when I feel like I can’t breathe.  But folks, we must persevere and we must do this in order to get some semblance of normalcy back into our lives.  I must admit I was not the best at wearing the mask in the beginning.  I just felt like the distancing and constant handwashing/sanitizing was enough.  Clearly it was not and I dutifully wear the mask in public places now.  I recently saw a Facebook post regarding mask wearing that goes like this…

I wear my mask in public for three reasons:

  1. Humility: I don’t know if I have COVID, as it is clear that people can spread the disease before they have the symptoms.
  2. Kindness: I don’t know if the person I am near has a child battling cancer, or cares for their elderly mom.  While I might be fine, they might not.
  3. Community: I want my community to thrive, businesses to stay open, employees to stay healthy.  Keeping a lid on COVID helps us all.

Ordinarily, this issue would reek of back-to-school info.  But as everyone knows, this will be no ordinary school year.  My hat goes off to the WSFCS school personnel for all the hard work and tough decisions they are having to make!

Lastly, I want to congratulate my friend (aka sister I never had) and business partner Keela Johnson on her upcoming retirement announcement.  Forsyth Mags would not be without her.  She is one of the most fearless, tireless and amazing humans I know and I am forever grateful for the opportunity she gave me to ride along!  Enjoy this phase of life to the fullest, my friend!  And to her daughter Brooke, the best is yet to be!  I look forward to working alongside you and seeing where this road takes us!  I have no doubt you will fill your mom’s shoes and then some!



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