Mentorship & Family at Tina S. Merhoff & Associates Pediatric Dentistry

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” ~Proverbs 27:17 ESV Many business owners will agree that at some point, customers begin to feel like family. In Dr. Tina Merhoff’s world, her customers are patients, but certainly the sentiment holds true. Since 1997, Tina S. Merhoff & Associates Pediatric Dentistry has carved a niche for […]

Calvary Introduces Will Toburen Senior Pastor

In the fall of 2019, Calvary Baptist Church commissioned a Pastor Search Team to lead the search for its next Senior Pastor. For 10 months this team worked diligently and prayerfully to identify candidates that met biblical qualifications for the position and characteristics that were unique for the church. On June 21, 2020, Calvary Baptist […]

Resolving Teen Phone Addiction

Pride and humor are reactions by parents and onlookers to a toddler who can scroll through and change websites on an iPad without any guidance.  At the age of eight, the phone mysteriously leaves its placement to be heard in another room, along with a child’s muffled giggling.  Arriving at the age of a pre-teen, […]

Vitamin N: Kids and the Need for Nature!

Once upon a time, kids and dirt and exploration went hand-in-hand.  The image almost sounds like a familiar fairy tale. City and country children had one commonality; they both preferred spending time in the outdoors. A place of freedom and friends, building relationships, and continually moving!  After hours of play, children returned home feeling happy, […]

A Lake Retreat at the Base of the Blue Ridge

Smith Mountain Lake is a hidden gem less than two hours away, next to the gorgeous Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. Its clear green water and lush landscape will make the hustle of the Triad a distant memory. It’s where a former Winston-Salem designer turned a planned vacation retreat into a realty business with a waterfront […]

Certus Psychiatry & Integrated Care…What it Means to Believe in we.

When Dr. Gisela Kohl and her husband of 27 years, Federico Lammel, opened Certus Psychiatry & Integrated Care in Winston-Salem in 2017, they knew they had their work cut out for themselves. But facing challenges head-on, rolling with the changes, and working hard was nothing new to them. Originally from Argentina, the couple had worked […]

Salem Gymnastics & Swim Is Back and Better Than Ever

COVID-19 has been hard on small businesses. Many have had to close their doors, and others have had to work extremely hard to keep them open. One local business has taken this time to turn a terrible situation into a positive one. At Salem Gymnastics & Swim, they have used this time to reexamine their […]

Black Lives Matter to God

By Stuart Epperson, Jr. Do black lives matter? The Good Book says much more! My heart is broken for all my black brothers and sisters. But, more importantly, so is the heart of God! Just for a moment, let’s lay aside all the politics that divide us and look at what the Good Book says […]

August 2020 “From the Heart”

I continue to feel like I am living in the “Twilight Zone” (imagine the Twilight Zone theme song playing in the background now).  This marks the fifth “From the Heart” I have written since COVID-19.  Governor Cooper just announced we will remain in Phase 2 for another three weeks (another two by the time this […]

Educator Warehouse Teachers Need Help Now More Than Ever

No matter what school looks like for your child this year, one thing is guaranteed: school supplies will be needed for students as well as teachers. When teachers are in the classroom, we all know how many materials they go through…and how often they are required to buy their own, as opposed to having necessary […]

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