Are Your Kids Ready to Kick Off the Summer? Sign Them Up for Summer Camp with Triad Sports Management

If your children are bursting at the seams with energy and seem to have an interest in sports, it might be time to enroll them in a soccer league or team sport. Even if you’re an adult with a full-time job looking to reintroduce yourself to the sport you played in high school or college, Triad Sports Management is able to accommodate sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

With locations in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Advance, Triad Sports Management (TSM) is easily accessible to all Triad residents interested in getting involved. TSM is home to men’s, women’s, and co-ed indoor soccer leagues year-round. This winter, TSM will resume their youth recreational and competitive indoor soccer leagues as well.

While Triad Sports Management is home to adult and youth soccer leagues, TSM also encourages small children to participate in team sports through their Lil’ Players at the Plex program. Designed for young children ages two to four, the Lil’ Players program is structured to teach tots the basics of movement, balance, and coordination, with a focus on sports such as hockey, baseball, soccer, and football. This fall, TSM will be hosting Lil’ Players classes at their Rise Indoor Sports location in Advance. For more information on Lil’ Players at the Plex, contact Leane Kuhner at

What if your small child is showing athletic promise or natural talent, but is apprehensive about team sports? Many parents are unsure whether coaxing their reluctant child into participating in a sport or hobby is the right move. Leane Kuhner suggests baby steps in socialization as a potential solution.

“I would encourage the child to be around their friends, but not necessarily in a sports setting right from the start,” explains Leane. “Free play often turns into a game of some sort. Try encouraging them to play games such as tag, capture the flag, and ‘kick the can’ before introducing them to team sports.”

If your child tests the waters of team sports and decides that he or she does not want to continue participating, TSM staff members are very understanding and accommodating when parents and children change their minds. In some cases, children who have previously withdrawn from TSM youth programs will return months or years later after having a change of heart. TSM staff will not pressure adults or children into finishing out a season if their hearts are not in the game.

When it comes to sports—especially contact sports—injuries are inevitable. What happens if you or your child is injured during a game? TSM is prepared to perform first-aid when necessary, with their Proehlific Park and Rise facilities being covered by Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical staff.

While COVID-19 kept many children cooped up for months on end, Triad Sports Management is happy to be hosting their Summer Sports Camp this year. For boys and girls ages 6 through 13, soccer camp will be held at TSM’s Proehlific Park location on June 14th-18th and June 21st-25th. Rise Sports Complex will be hosting MultiSport Camp on July 12th-16th and July 26th-30th. MultiSport Camp will also be held at TSM’s Greensboro Sportsplex location on July 19th-23rd and August 2nd-6th. Summer camp registration fees are $200, with an early bird registration fee of only $175.

Nervous about playing team sports during the COVID-19 pandemic? TSM is adamant about following all guidelines issued to keep all players and staff members safe. According to Leane, “TSM had a successful indoor winter league season at all of our indoor facilities. Our numbers were a little lower than normal, which is understandable. The facilities ran at a limited capacity, and everyone who entered the facility wore a mask—including players. As long as the mask mandate remains in place this summer, TSM will continue to follow the same guidelines.”

Ready to sign up for a soccer league or summer camp? Visit for additional information regarding TSM’s programs, summer camps, policies, and locations. Follow @triadsportsmanagement on Instagram or check out the Facebook page to stay updated on the latest news from the TSM team.


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