F • R • I • E • N • D • S

My third cup of coffee sits to my right upon a coffee table. The blanket I’m lazily curled up under is App. State colored (not my preference, but it was […]

The Boroughs of Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is steeped in rich history. In every nook and corner of our city, there is something special, historical, and unique. When it comes to telling people where certain places […]

How to Read Your Bible

Candy Sakarapanee is a wise, godly, and special lady that has been a very influential mentor and encouragement to me throughout life. One of the things she taught me that […]

5 At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

Just because you are parents, it doesn’t mean that date nights need to be as few and far between as you may think. While sometimes that night out on the […]

The Pre-K Priority

Research shows that high-quality, early learning through Pre-K better prepares children for kindergarten, increases test scores, and results in higher graduation rates and college attendance. So, why is access to […]

Courting Teas Every Month of the Year

Like you, I, too, have a relationship with herbal infusions that cycles through the seasons of peppermint, dandelion, hibiscus, and cinnamon-spiced teas.  Instinctually, the scoop containing the loose flow of […]

Forgetful Israelites

“The Exodus,” translated as “the way out,” is when the people of Israel had a way out of Israel after the plagues. According to Exodus 12:37, there were about 600,000 […]

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