5 At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

Just because you are parents, it doesn’t mean that date nights need to be as few and far between as you may think. While sometimes that night out on the town has to wait, there are still so many ways to spend special time together, making memories just as mom and dad. Whether you’re on a budget, ready to splurge a bit, looking for a little romance or a night of laughter, here are five ideas for at-home date nights to try with your spouse!

#1  Chopped Dinner Couple’s Challenge

Food Network’s show “Chopped” is a reality-based cooking show that has chefs compete by turning baskets of random ingredients into meals. If you and your spouse want to mix your creative side with your competitive side, this is a great date night idea to make cooking dinner extra memorable. Start by deciding who will be cooking the main course and who will be over the sides. Next, head to the grocery store and pick out a few random ingredients for the evening, sticking to a few safety items, but choosing some things that keep it interesting! On date night, add a couple of basics like flour, oil, breadcrumbs, or anything else to the counter as fair game and get cooking! Add a timer to make it interesting and rate each other’s dishes after dinner. 

#2  Fancy Pants Wine & Cheese Tasting

Bring the fancy night out inside! Head to your favorite local winery or wine shop and purchase a few different bottles of wine to try together. You can even purchase a wine tasting flight sampler set of decanters online to take it up a notch! Purchase a variety of cheeses as well and have everything set up ready for sampling. Place a small chalkboard or notepad on the table for each of you to rate each item on a scale of 1-5 and compare notes at the end. You may just discover your new favorite pairing! 

#3  Pampered Parents Spa Night

Maybe it’s not the resort spa from your honeymoon, but you can create the same pampering effect at home with a little help from some scented candles and calming music. Pick out some DIY spa treatments from the store like face masks, a foot scrub, a sugar lip mask or anything else that tickles your fancy. Fill up the tub for a bubble bath for two or share the edge and dip your feet in before giving each other foot massages or using that foot scrub! Pop some clean towels and your robes in the dryer so they are warm and ready when you get out. Have some special snacks like chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne for when you’re done, to keep relaxing. 

#4  Fort Building Movie Madness

Sometimes being parents can make you feel so far away from your own youth! Who says fort building is just for the kids? Let yourselves be silly and get out all your sheets, blankets, pillows, and books, ready to create the best fort possible. Make sure to create a space underneath that’s comfortable and perfect for snuggling up with one another. Bring your laptop and load up a fun flick on Netflix and grab some snacks and yummy drinks to lay inside and be kids together. A bonus with this idea is that you can leave the fort up for the morning when the kids wake up and get major parent points!

#5  Murder Mystery 

You’re already pros at solving toddler meltdowns and school-day scheduling conflicts; maybe solving a murder mystery is just the change of pace you need! Turn your regular game night into an immersive heated detective scramble with an online murder mystery game or purchase one from your local game shop or Target! There are popular ones like Hunt a Killer: Death at the Dive Bar or Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards! Encourage each other to really get into character and maybe set up a little mood lighting and music to help the theatrics! Pop some popcorn and get comfortable as you solve the big case together.  

Remember, the most important part of any date night is just being together! Try to put your phones away, enjoy conversation about more than just the kiddos and take advantage of some uninterrupted time with your partner. Try to schedule a date night regularly on the calendar each month, even if it’s a stay-at-home one. You deserve it! 



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