Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates Sharing love & experience!

Experts at caring for all mothers-to-be, the staff of Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates had the pleasure of expanding its own family during the pandemic, as last year we met several Lyndhurst employees who were expecting!  Now, these new moms share their insights on motherhood at an especially challenging time—and we asked them to comment on both […]

“In and About” in Winston-Salem with LEAD Girls Soiree

As we hopefully see a light at the end of the COVID tunnel, our community organizations continue to be creative in order to comply with COVID restrictions and continue their mission, including annual events. LEAD (Learning Everyday Accomplishing Dreams) Girls provides tools and resources to low-income/at-risk preteen girls helping them become productive citizens and active […]

Leading Digital Transformation at Truliant

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – From an early age, Laura Dezarn knew that she had an aptitude for technology. Dezarn, the vice president of IT infrastructure and operations at Truliant Federal Credit Union since 2018, just got computers. “While I didn’t grow up with easy and instant access to computers, I developed a love and fascination for […]

Kid-Approved Family Game Night

At least once a week, my family and I gather for our battle royale. Our fight to the death. Or, as some people may call it: “game night.” Regardless of the ferocity of the players (in our family we have adopted the family motto: “There are no friends in Uno”), game night is a wonderful […]

Team Overbey, Keller Williams Realty Elite The Power of a Team Vision!

With talented professionals whose backgrounds are as varied as the dream homes they pair clients with, Team Overbey of Keller Williams Realty Elite in Winston-Salem has found success by relying on each other’s strengths, and a common bond with clients—clients who typically become friends! Debbie Lavoie-Overbey shares how the team has evolved. “My husband, Bill, […]

Natural Pest Control

The young, frail seedling needs protection, time, excellent soil, and water to gain strength and expand its roots in the ideal environment.  The seen and unseen attackers pose a threat, whether it’s disease, insects, or animals, damaging to the point of hurting or killing the tender, young plant.  Even trampling may impact the possibility of […]

Faith and Third Place

BY DARREN HICKERSON What is your third place? Are you sharing or experiencing God’s love in your third place? And I’m not talking about winning a bronze medal, or how I placed in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Cub Scout Pinewood Derby in 1978. “Third place” comes from sociologist Ray Oldenburg, who described three places where most […]

Planting Rare, Yet Native Fruits

Outside the city limits, the scene quickly changes from houses to miles of open fields.  In May, blooming flowers catch the eye of drivers, perhaps for the first time.  Although they’re quite different in definition from wildflowers, these trees, shrubs, and flowers are indeed growing in the wild, their seeds scattered by the winds to […]

It’s A Grand Life – Remembering…

I sometimes wonder what my grandchildren will remember about me. That usually morphs into what I remember about my own grandparents. A simple word or deed can trigger a memory that, depending on the situation, I share with my daughters and/or grandchildren. It also makes me aware of how little I really know about my […]

Helpful Apps for Families during COVID

Here we are over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and I think we can all say we’ve learned a thing or two from these unprecedented (in our lifetime anyway) circumstances. I know our family has learned to count our blessings, how to tolerate one another more graciously, and what a wonderful thing it is […]