Calling All Defenders of Wildlife: Part 5

The diversity of North Carolina’s three sub-biomes, namely the coastal plains, Piedmont, and the mountains, reveals varieties of forest and non-forest ecosystems.  Based on our consistent levels of precipitation and four distinct seasons, we live in the biome of a temperate deciduous forest. It’s no wonder our climate attracts diverse species of colorful birds and […]

Top 5 Must-Visit National Parks in the United States

No matter what time of the year you plan to travel, national parks throughout the United States are great places to visit. These bucket-list spots are full of wonder and rich in history. Our nation is home to 419 national parks. If you plan on traveling to each one in the future, it may take […]

Embracing Both Sides: Celebrating Your Multicultural Family through Your Children

In the months of pregnancy leading up to the birth of a child, there are always a number of  conversations between the parents-to-be. With so much to plan and prepare before the baby arrives, conversation topics vary from surface-level things like nursery decor and sleep logistics, while other may go a little deeper. After years […]

Educational Preparedness for the Next Level: Middle School

Elementary schools opened the door wide enough for children to experience routine, rules, and a foundation of learning within a cozy, tight-knit community of classmates. Teachers took time during small group instruction and one-on-one meetings to focus on improving individual weaknesses, while building confidence levels!  Inspirational words helped encourage children not to fear the size […]

JP & Associates: Home Projections

Undeniably, 2020 has proven to be the most unexpected year many of us have ever experienced. While the last few months have been challenging, there is light to be seen at the end of the tunnel! The great news is that there is an upswing to be expected in the real estate market. Many confidently […]

Online Predators and Groomers: Who is Talking to My Child?

When children clamor to get their hands on their parents’ cell phones, iPads, and laptops, they are associating technology with fun!  Beside games, videos, and school experiences, the Internet is not viewed by most children as harmful.  The harm begins, perhaps, with a lunchtime conversation about an app that features watching or creating humorous videos. […]

The Power of Summer

Summer represents one powerful transformation in the human mind and body.  The increased days of abundant sunshine and the availability of the season’s fruits and vegetables supply the body with extra vitamins and antioxidants.   As metabolism increases, calories burn naturally.  It’s no wonder the season delivers the perfect prescription for health, nutrition, exercise, and happiness.  […]

The View from My Section – A Father’s Perspective

Atlanta, July 27, 1996 With the absence of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, this month (postponed to begin July 23rd, 2021, due to the coronavirus), I was reflecting on the time my wife and I attended the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, in July of 1996. I kept copious notes after that […]

Silver Linings in the “Now Normal”

BY KODIA BYERS, A MEMBER OF THE TMOM TEAM It was a warm, peaceful morning in late August, 2019—you know, those mornings when the season is slowly changing from summertime heat 24/7 to balmy early autumn mornings, paired with excruciatingly hot NC Piedmont afternoons when everything feels rushed and sluggish all at the same time? […]

Three Generations of Clemmons

From Friday night football games to bringing home the newest family addition, there aren’t many towns that hold a special place in one’s heart like Clemmons does for the Jackson* family. Mrs. Jackson (grandmother) moved to Clemmons when she was four years old in the year 1941. Mrs. Jackson has called Clemmons “home sweet home” […]

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