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Happy June! 

It’s officially summertime, and I hope that means you have a vacation or two on the calendar! Whether it’s a staycation, traveling internationally or something in-between – I think it’s so important to take some time off and relax with your family and friends. 

I want to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to my dad (aka Teej)! His happy place is being out in the sun on the water, and my plan for Father’s Day is to spend it out there with him. He’s taught me more than he could ever know about kindness, patience and love. My parents certainly don’t have a perfect marriage (does anyone?), but watching the way he loves my mom and takes care of her makes my heart happy. 

He’s the first one I call when I have any sort of car question, and I’ve never seen a dog get as excited as mine does when he sees my dad. Teej is one of a kind, and I am incredibly grateful that I’m able to have a relationship with him. 

This past month has been an exciting one! My best friend, Jill, welcomed her baby girl Madeline to the world on May 5th, and two days later, Briana made Robin (and Tim) Bralley first-time grandparents with baby girl Collins! Congratulations to Jill and Eric AND to Bri and Jonathan! 

This month, we are featuring Dr. David Woods and Artist Nico Amortegui on our cover. Dr. Woods took over Salem Smiles Orthodontics in early 2022, and he utilized the talent of Nico to make the space at Salem Smiles even more inviting. You can check out the space and the team at Salem Smiles HERE.  

This issue is full of recipes, fun summertime activity ideas, local small business features and so much more. From my team to you, we hope you enjoy this issue! And, if you want more, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at, follow us on social media @forsythmags and tune in to the Forsyth Magazines podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast or any major streaming platform. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy month of June, 



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