12 Months of Unknown Holiday Fun

We all know about the major holidays within the year, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, and Easter. Then, there are the smaller days, including Presidents’ Day, Labor Day, and New Year’s. However, the list of holidays doesn’t end there. In fact, each day of the year has its own “holiday,” as well as weekly and monthly celebrations. For example, January is “Adopt a Rescue Bird Month” (I bet you didn’t know that!). One of my favorite ways to welcome my students to class each morning is by including a little fact about the daily holiday on the morning PowerPoint. As I complete research for these, I learn more about the celebratory days throughout the year and at least half, I did not know about. Curious about these events? Continue reading to investigate all of the daily, weekly, and monthly holidays.


  • Monthly:
    • Book Blitz Month
    • Get Organized Month
    • National Polka Music Month
  • Weekly:
    • Cuckoo Dancing Week: 11th–17th
    • Clean Out Your Inbox Week: 26th–31st
    • Meat Week: 26th–Feb.1st
  • Daily:
    • R.R. Tolkien Day: 3rd
    • Whipped Cream Day: 5th
    • War on Poverty Day: 8th


  • Monthly:
    • American Heart Month
    • Pet Dental Health Month
    • National Time Management Month
  • Weekly:
    • Freelance Writer Appreciation Week: 10th–15th
    • National Engineers Week: 16th–22nd
    • Random Acts of Kindness Week: 16th–22nd
  • Daily:
    • Change Your Password Day: 1st
    • Toothache Day: 9th
    • Lost Penny Day: 12th


  • Monthly:
    • Action & Skills Toy Month
    • National Craft Month
    • Social Work Month
  • Weekly:
    • National Procrastination Week: 1st–7th (unless you put this off until the next week)
    • Act Happy Week: 16th–22nd
    • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week: 22nd–28th
  • Daily:
    • Fill Our Staplers Day: 9th
    • International Bagpipe Day: 10th
    • Earmuffs Day: 13th (Don’t forget to wear yours!) 


  • Monthly:
    • Adopt a Ferret Month
    • Fair Housing Month
    • National Humor Month
  • Weekly:
    • Laugh at Work Week: 1st–7th
    • Administrative Professionals Week: 20th–24th
    • Fiddler’s Frolic Week: 23rd–26th
  • Daily:
    • Charlie the Tuna Day: 6th
    • Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day: 12th
    • Red Hat Society Day: 25th


  • Monthly:
    • Clear Air Month
    • Mental Health Month
    • National Photo Month
  • Weekly:
    • Choose Privacy Week: 1st–7th
    • National Backyard Games: 25th – June1st
    • National Tire Safety Week: 17th–23rd
  • Daily:
    • New Homeowner’s Day: 1st
    • National Chicken Dance Day: 14th
    • National Sea Monkey Day: 16th


  • Monthly:
    • California Avocado Month
    • Turkey Lovers’ Month
    • Student Safety Month
  • Weekly:
    • National Flag Week: 14th–20th
    • National Hermit Week: 13th–20th
    • Old Time Fiddlers’ Week: 22nd–27th
  • Daily:
    • CNN Day: 1st
    • Russian Language Day: 6th
    • Fudge Day: 16th


  • Monthly:
    • Cell Phone Courtesy Month
    • National Ice Cream Month
    • Wheat Month
  • Weekly:
    • Freedom Week: 4th–10th
    • Quilt Odyssey Week: 30th–Aug.1st
    • National Zookeeper’s Week: 19th–25th
  • Daily:
    • Zip Code Day: 1st
    • Don’t Step on a Bee Day: 10th
    • Be a Dork Day: 15th


  • Monthly:
    • Golf Month
    • National Goat Cheese Month
    • Read-A-Romance Month
  • Weekly:
    • Elvis Week: 8th–16th
    • Be Kind to Humankind Week: 25th–31st
    • World Water Week: 23rd–29th
  • Daily:
    • Sister’s Day: 2nd
    • Home Sewing Machine Day: 12th
    • I Love My Feet Day: 17th


  • Monthly:
    • Eat Chicken Month
    • National Bake & Decorate Month
    • National Cheese Month
  • Weekly:
    • Line Dance Week: 14th–19th
    • National Go-Kart Week: 20th–26th
    • Banned Books Week: 27th–Oct. 3rd
  • Daily:
    • Ants on a Log Day: 8th
    • Banana Day: 12th
    • National Kreme-Filled Donut Day: 14th


  • Monthly:
    • Church Library Month
    • Financial Planning Month
    • National Cookbook Month
  • Weekly:
    • Kids’ Goal Setting Week: 4th–10th
    • Choose to be G.R.E.A.T. Week: 12th–16th
    • National Massage Therapy Week: 25th–31st
  • Daily:
    • World Smile Day: 2nd
    • Hug a Drummer Day: 10th
    • Silly Sayings Day: 13th


  • Monthly:
    • National Memoir Writing Month
    • World Vegan Month
    • National Peanut Butters Month
  • Weekly:
    • Geography Awareness Week: 8th–14th
    • National Game & Puzzle Week: 22nd–28th
    • Better Conversation Week: 23rd–28th
  • Daily:
    • National Family Caregiver Day: 1st
    • Teddy Bear Day: 16th
    • Push-button Phone Day: 18th


  • Monthly:
    • National Tie Month
    • Car Donation Month
    • National Write a Business Plan Month
  • Weekly:
    • Cookie Cutter Week: 1st–7th
    • Gluten-Free Baking Week: 13th–19th
    • It’s About Time Week: 25th–31st
  • Daily:
    • Dewey Decimal System Day: 10th
    • Clear Air Day: 17th
    • Egg Nog Day: 24th

As you can see, there is a festivity for just about everything imaginable. Which of the daily, weekly, and monthly holidays are your favorites?


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