Thrift Shopping 101

Thrift shopping has increasingly become the thing to do. Whether you are looking for an item, a piece of clothing, gadgets or furniture, the world of thrifting opens up so many possibilities. Why not get what you want at a cheaper price and do the environment a favor?

There are so many benefits to this way of shopping. The first benefit of thrift shopping is that your bank account will love it! People have found that the average thrift item is more than 50% less expensive than the exact item at a retail store. This means that you can get double the goods for half the price. 

If you are looking to create a unique and personalized wardrobe, thrifting is the way to go as you are able to find every type of style and size all in one place! Thrift shopping is the best way to try out new looks or create your own style! 

Another benefit of thrifting is that the items are given another life. With the items getting reused, the amount that hits the landfills is less! Not to mention, most thrift stores are tied to supporting a cause in your local community. 

Before you even go to the thrift store, there are things you can do to prepare your closet for the shopping trip. I advise you to go through your closet before you go shopping. Separate your clothes into different piles. The piles can consist of categories such as “keep,” “maybe” and “give away.” Challenge yourself and think hard about this. If you can’t remember wearing it in the past six months, maybe it is time to say “goodbye.”

If you’re not excited about going through your closet before you go thrifting, make sure you do when you get home from the shopping trip! A wonderful tip is that you should always give away the number of items you get. For example, if you go thrifting and purchase four shirts, three pants and one pair of shoes from the thrift shop, challenge yourself to go home and give away four shirts, three pants and a pair of shoes! This practical and helpful tip will help you as you go thrifting to keep your closet clutter-free. 

So now, you have gotten your closet clutter-free and you are ready to go to the thrift store. Cut, tie, try. These three words will be your best friend in the thrift store. With the thrift shops consisting of so many different kinds of items, it may be hard to find exactly what you are dreaming of. So, that is why we keep in mind “cut, tie, try.” Let me explain. 

Maybe you see something that is super cute in the pattern or color, but may be the wrong size or style. Don’t let that stop you; get creative. Think about how you can cut this piece to fit you better. Maybe you shorten the torso length or the sleeves. When it comes to “tie,” you can tie part of it. If it is too loose in an area, tie a knot on the side to shape it to you better. Lastly, I encourage you to “try.” Try something that is out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to try one new thing every time you go shopping! 

All in all, thrifting is good for your bank account, the environment, your wardrobe, your community and so much more! Why not try something that is new to you? Be creative and intentional with your closet. Cut, tie, try and get thrifty! 


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