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There’s no better time than the present to stop using dull stock photos while updating your brand’s website. Want to grab the attention of recruiters on LinkedIn? Toss out the selfie stick and vow never to use a selfie as your profile picture ever again. With small businesses being negatively impacted by lockdowns, adequately advertising your personal brand or business is now more important than ever. Photographer and Creative Director Jodie Brim has been sprucing up clients’ online presence for nine years, and has an eye for creating brand photographs that will stop traffic—or maybe even attract it!

Jodie and her team at Jodie Brim Photography help clients revamp their social media and web presence by providing them with a luxury branding experience and all-inclusive imagery that help female entrepreneurs increase their impact and influence in their respective fields. Jodie and the team’s image consultant will assess the brand’s mission and work in tandem to strategically create images and videos that will captivate the attention of their ideal clients and showcase the story behind the brand. While the team’s clients are primarily female, Jodie and her team frequently work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, HR consultants, attorneys, coaches, and other service providers who need to “show up” online and improve their online presence.

The team at JBP is well-trained in differentiating brand photographs from headshots. Brand photos involve props and allow onlookers to see clients in action. In fact, Jodie believes investing in custom brand photographs is imperative in creating and maintaining a professional appearance, and making your business stand out among its competitors. According to Jodie, “Custom brand photos definitely matter, and are crucial for building credibility and trust in your business.”

One of the many perks of working with the Jodie Brim team is the convenience of the services for busy professionals who don’t have time to find a location or outfit for their photoshoot. Clients choose to book with JBP because the team is equipped to provide clothing, jewelry, custom props, and even create a customized workspace in the studio. While clients are welcome to bring their own clothing and accessories, those interested in taking advantage of the team’s styling services will attend a consultation with Jodie and her fashion stylist/producer Raysa in order to better understand the client’s personal style. With the help of local boutiques, Jodie’s team can find the right outfits to make their clients show up confidently in their photos and help them to stand out from the crowd.

To keep clients and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jodie insists that the proper safety protocols are met before, during, and after photoshoots to make sure everyone remains healthy and comfortable. Studios are cleaned after every photo session, and team members wear masks, use proper hand washing techniques, and are screened for symptoms prior to the shoot. Jodie even gets tested for COVID prior to shooting, and is proactive in ensuring that clients and team members have not been recently exposed to COVID prior to the session.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the perfect brand photo. Due to the custom nature of each brand project, props and other personalized branding are curated for each client, from creating a makeshift office, to a bakery design studio workspace. Because the Jodie Brim team puts so much effort into making sure each photoshoot is fully equipped for brand photos, clients should look to book six to eight weeks in advance.

Looking to book with JBP? Visit jodiebrim.com to view the team’s portfolio, testimonials, and to learn more about the JBP Experience. Check out the Jodie Brim Photography Facebook page and follow the team on Instagram at @jodiebrimphotography to see more photos and stay up to date on the latest news. E-mail info@jodiebrim.com for any questions or additional information.



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