Salem Smiles Orthodontics Success Starts with a Smile

When there’s talk of back-to-school, it’s hard not to feel energized and excited about the start of something new. While parents navigate new schedules for their kids, they may also be testing the waters of a new career path and looking to update their own confidence level a bit. Good news: Exploring the many options of orthodontics can be an “all in the family” experience!

With the start of a new school year—and a brand-new season all around—take a look at just a few reasons Salem Smiles should become part of your family’s routine:

* Let’s talk confidence! For kids who are self-conscious about their smile, and hesitant to join in school activities or engage in making new friends, a visit to the orthodontist can be life-changing. Parents, too, may need a little nudge in the self-care department, if having a less-than-perfect smile is holding them back from applying for a better job or exploring new opportunities. A popular option instead of traditional metal braces—and obviously less noticeable—Invisalign” can be the answer for parents and children alike, and Dr. Shoaf has been treating patients with Invisalign since 1999. (She was trained in some of the procedure’s inaugural classes!)

* More adults than ever before are seeing an orthodontist, realizing that misaligned teeth can cause other teeth and health issues. Not surprisingly, adult orthodontia may even be more effective than in the teens, since as parents, you may not need to be “nudged” as much as your children to keep up with proper daily dental care.

* Is your family calendar already filling up, and August has barely begun? Salem Smiles makes it easy to schedule appointments, and the office is located close to several schools. They are also committed to seeing patients promptly and in an efficient manner—knowing your time is especially valuable during the busy school/work week. Most adjustment visits last only 15-20 minutes, so you can keep to your efficient schedule without waiting. 

* Are you the parent of a sports enthusiast who’s ready to hit the ground running? Salem Smiles can fit children and teens with custom mouth guards to start their year off safely, and protect not only teeth, but also the mouth, gums, and jaw area. Parents—don’t overlook the importance of a mouth guard if you’re an avid cyclist, or if you experience teeth grinding while you sleep.

* Care you can count on! Since opening in 2012, Winston-Salem native Dr. Sarah Shoaf and the staff of Salem Smiles Orthodontics have proven their dedication and compassion for patients. She is also the only American Board of Orthodontics Diplomate in the area; and brings valuable experience with patients who struggle with congenital conditions such as cleft lip and palate. With their 10th anniversary approaching next year, they look forward to continuing to brighten smiles—and celebrate the fact that what they do can indeed change lives!

Salem Smiles Orthodontics is conveniently located at 1063 W. Northwest Blvd in Winston-Salem. Reach the practice to discover more about their services and schedule a free initial consultation at 336-725-5757, or visit them online at


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