Prom After-Party Ideas

Prom is such an exciting night. There is so much to do leading up to it. Getting the perfect dress, picking the right hairstyle, coordinating the details with your friends and, of course, planning what you will do that night after Prom is over. Really, the after-party is one of the best parts. This is a time you can relax and enjoy spending time with your closest group of friends, doing something really memorable. If you haven’t thought too much about it yet, don’t worry. Here a few great ideas to make your after-party something special.

Girls’ Night Slumber Party

Having a girls’ night slumber party can be so much fun. You can pick one of your houses or even host it in a local hotel. Set it up before you go to Prom with snacks, drinks, and activities for you and your friends to enjoy. That way, after Prom, you will be ready to relax and talk about all the fun things that happened that night.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This takes a bit of planning, but could be so much fun. Create a list of local things and places to take pictures of. Split up into teams and spend the hours after Prom driving around town, taking pictures of the items and places on the list. Have a meeting place for everyone to come together at the end of the night to enjoy snacks and drinks, while you see who wins the hunt. Don’t forget to plan some cool prizes, too.


Lots of people have backyard fire pits these days. This is a perfect after-Prom activity. Pick a house to have the fire at, and after Prom invite all your friends to come over. You can set it up with cool lights and enjoy snacks, like s’mores. This will be a really memorable way to spend the hours after Prom with your friends.


Bowling alleys are often open late and are a great place to accommodate a large party. You can make it really fun by framing it as a competition and giving out prizes. You can order food for everyone at the snack bar, or call ahead to see if you can have food delivered. You might even luck out with a Laser Bowl Night on the night of your party.


For something really outside the box, plan a party at the skating rink. You can often rent out the rink for a few hours and bring in your own food and drinks. This would be a super fun, nostalgic party to have with your friends—a real night to remember.

Prom Movie Marathon

There are a million movies about prom. A great idea for after Prom is to watch a bunch of them with your friends. You could do it simply and just watch them with friends at home, or go a little more extravagant with an outdoor projector. No matter what, it will be lots of fun.

Karaoke Party

Everyone loves karaoke. What better way to spend the night after Prom than singing your heart out with your friends? This can be a part of any party or a theme for the party itself. No matter what, it will be really fun.

Whatever you decide to do after Prom, just make it fun and memorable. The after-party is a great place to scale the crowd down to your closest friends, have a lot of fun, and make even more memories that will last a lifetime.


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