My Favorite Baby Purchases That I Actually Use – Six Baby Items That Have Made My Life Easier As A Busy Mom

As a mom in today’s digital world, it feels like I am constantly bombarded with ads or advice on all the things I need to buy for my babies. I have two younger daughters, one who just turned a year old and a toddler who just turned two years old. 

I also have a 17-year-old daughter, and so many of the things available for babies now were not even around then – and yet we survived. That said, there are some things that are newer or maybe just more popular now that do make life a bit easier! I wanted to share those things in hopes it helps some other tired and busy moms like myself!

Double Stroller

If you have two little ones under 4 or 5, then I highly recommend a double stroller. There are so many options. We have one that has the seats in front of one another vs. side by side which makes it easier to go through doors. I love ours, and it makes things so much easier than when we have to use two strollers.  


For our middle daughter’s first birthday last year, she got a playpen and a mat for it since we have hardwood floors. I put puzzles, books and toys in it, and it is such a great space for her to freely and safely play. After our youngest daughter started sitting up and crawling on her own, she started enjoying it as well. They have so much fun playing in there together!

Baby Food Pouches

These make life so much easier when you are on the go or in a rush. They don’t require spoons like baby food. Also, the combinations are ones my girls seem to love more than the ones baby food jars/containers offer. It’s so easy to throw these in the diaper bag to have for lunch or dinner. One thing to note though if they don’t finish it in one sitting and you’ll be gone for a while is that you’ll need to trash the leftovers since it goes bad after opening if not refrigerated. 


These are great to put little ones in at naptime and bedtime, especially while traveling. Plus, if you need to do something around the house, it’s a great space to put them in that’s safe if you need to do something quickly in another room.


Both my girls loved these from about five or six months old to around nine or 10 months. They would wear themselves out bouncing and playing in it. For our middle daughter, it was wonderful for meal times because, after she was done eating, she’d play in it and we could have a meal in peace!

Changing Pads

While we have two changing tables, one in each little’s room upstairs, we often end up changing them on our bed or downstairs on the couch. Having a baby pee while changing them or a massive blow out is unfortunately inevitable. Luckily, we throw a blanket and pad down before changing to save our furniture and bedspread! 


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