My BMX Career 


When I was seven years old, my dad told me about the sport of BMX. He told me he had participated in it when he was my age with his twin brother. My dad took me to look at bikes at Walmart. I chose a teal Mongoose (which I have today). He took me to the local track he grew up riding, and I fell in love with the sport and my BMX family. I’ve made many friends along the way, but my first friend was Ella. We have become like BMX sisters.

My parents and family have supported me on this journey. My Meme came to a lot of my races and got to see me win my first race! She really enjoyed watching us ride. She now watches from heaven, and I feel her presence with each drop of the gate. We pray before each race for the safety of all the riders, glorifying God through good sportsmanship, thanking Him for the gifts and opportunity to race. We end each prayer time with a “race for Meme” cheer.

After I started to gather a few wins, Dad knew it was time to start changing the bike setup for better parts, faster gearing and, in short, a lighter bike. We looked around at several local bike shops to discover they weren’t specialized in the BMX arena. Through a stroke of fortune, I won the “Holeshot Award” at my local BMX track and won a $25 gift card to a BMX shop Downtown Bicycle Works in Summerfield, NC! This was the break that set my career in motion. On a whim, we drove the 45 minutes to the shop, and Dad’s jaw dropped at the inventory of BMX parts, encouragement and support. During the summer of 2020, that $25 got me some gloves and a vested interest in my career. He saw my Walmart Mongoose and determination to race hard. He gave me my first Chase BMX bike; though used, it propelled my BMX career with everything needed to succeed. Downtown Bicycle Works not only sponsored me, but picked up my whole family in the sport, as well – so very thankful and grateful for them on this journey.

In 2021, we ventured out into the NC State Series to gain experience on other local tracks. That year, just before the State finals, I lost my Meme. It was a tough race to push through. I finished sixth in the nine-year-old Novice/Intermediate class. Technically, I was the first Novice Girl to earn a plate out of 17 riders. 

In 2022, on the brink of my 10th Novice win and the first State Qualifier at Hornet Nest track in Charlotte, my dad challenged me with yet another pivotal point in my BMX career. Race the boys/girls combined Novice for a shot at win number 10 or race ONLY the girls and move up to Expert without an option of ever going back! It was a tough choice to make, but the challenge was accepted. I didn’t qualify for the main race. My parents and BMX family were there to encourage me in my disappointment. With a few bike adjustments and permanently in the Girls’ Expert class, I was ready to put in the training needed to excel. I got to participate in my first BMX Clinic with pro rider Carly Kane. We exchanged addresses, and we’ve written several times back and forth as BMX penpals. She’s been another source of encouragement along the way and an excellent mentor in everything BMX- and life-in-general-related. Dad built a small training track around the house to hone in on the skills learned from the clinic. We participated in our first National in which we all made Podium. I went on to win State #1 in the 10G class. Our family sponsor awarded me with some BMX goodies. Little did I know the weight of my efforts in training. In the winter of the following year at the annual banquet, I was awarded “Most Improved Rider” in the girls’ division at my home track of Burlington BMX.

In 2023, we tested our skills a little more and not only raced the NC State Series for the third year in a row but also expanded our travel outside the state to race at a supercross track in Rock Hill, SC as well as a stone dust track in Richmond, VA. As I grew, I was going to need a new bike. After the long-awaited release of the new Chase RSP 5.0, my dream bike, Downtown Bicycle Works went to the extreme (within our budget) to order me my first pro-size bike. Adam French, the owner of Downtown Bicycle Works, even stayed late, very late the evening my bike arrived. He awarded me the opportunity to come alongside him, and I got to help build my new bike – an experience I’ll cherish forever! That was in June and, since then, I collected 17 wins on my new bike, it’s true…WinWithChase isn’t just for the pros to use. I wrapped up the 2023 season with a Back-to-Back State #1 Championship victory.

In 2024, with my first win of the season in the books, it was time for the previous season’s Award Banquet for Burlington BMX. After receiving “Most Improved Rider” the previous season and knowing my brother and dad were getting a move up award to Expert class, I didn’t think I would get anything and was looking forward to reuniting with my BMX family. Out of NOWHERE, the track operator called my name for the “Track Champion” Girls’ division! I was utterly in shock as were my parents. My reflection was that hard work is paying off. I returned the challenge to my dad and asked for a shot at the Team USA World Qualifier for my birthday…being held on my birthday! After only racing one National race two years ago, I wanted to test my skills on yet another level and compete against girls all over the east coast for a chance to race the best of the best from all over the world. My parents ONLY expectation was to do my best, this opportunity only comes around once in a lifetime. It was a great experience to get to race on an indoor quick build track; the atmosphere was electric; the emotions were running wild; the competition was fierce; I was just a local race girl on the big stage of 16 riders all competing for the same goal. The gates dropped for three motos, and I raced that 800 feet with everything I had in me and finished first, second and second! When all the points were tallied, I had done it! I made Team USA! They handed me my medallion with congratulations. It wasn’t until we got back to the tent with our BMX family that more news came in from those who race the National Circuit more frequently. Not only had I qualified for Team USA…I was the number one 12 Challenge Girls Qualifier for the NE Regional race! I cried and thanked my parents for believing in me and allowing me to chase my dreams (pun intended). I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the rest of 2024 in my BMX career.

The UCI World Championship will be held the week of May 10th-18th in Rock Hill, SC. More information can be found at


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