It’s A Grand Life – Random Thoughts and Observations

I have been racking my brain about what to write for this month’s column. I am tired of the virus and its variants constantly being front and center. It has colored so much of everyone’s life and I, for one, am ready to talk about other things without it creeping its way back into every conversation. So, let’s start with the weather.

I am one that likes having four distinct seasons. Growing up, I experienced a true winter, spring, summer and fall. Moving to North Carolina, I knew it would be different; and living at the coast, even more so. However, weeks in the mid-to-upper 70s in January was too much. My grandchildren want to see it snow. We realized that our three-year-old grandson has never experienced it. My parents had friends in Florida that the wife, before agreeing to marry her husband, made him promise they would spend two weeks in the winter somewhere cold and snowy. Two years ago, my husband and I spent a week in Montreal where it snowed every day but one. I am not saying I would want that all the time, but snow even once a year would be great. Our trip was right about the time when, that which will not be named, reared its ugly head and traveling came to a halt.

Which brings me to the next topic – traveling. We are a family that likes to be on the go. I used to spend time researching trips for us to take throughout the year. Outside of going somewhere that is no more than a day’s drive, our family has stayed home. Our eldest daughter’s family usually takes trips that coincide with their children’s spring and fall school breaks. We have been talking about taking an overseas trip with them for two years, but until the world opens up again, I doubt it will even be discussed. I know the positive benefits that come from visiting different countries and want my grandchildren to have those experiences. Visiting places in the United States is also valuable to their education and expanding their horizons. We are so looking forward to getting back to our adventures and, hopefully, 2022 will see it happening.

Now – school. As I write this, my grandchildren haven’t started back to school yet. They all remained healthy and happy during the fall semester. My wish is that nothing changes the almost normalcy they have had so far. I applaud the precautions the school systems have put in place to keep the children safe while in their care. Socialization is very important, especially for their mental well-being. I went to my granddaughter’s kindergarten class twice before the Christmas break. It was heartwarming to see the smiles and listen as they interacted with each other. I noticed during recess that there was never a child playing alone or being excluded.

Finally – Valentine’s Day. February 14th is a day dedicated to love. The past couple of years have taken a toll on all of us in different ways. I find it truly disturbing how sullen and angry people have become. Their frustration is manifesting itself against people who are not responsible for whatever is causing them to react in outrageous behavior. May this day remind us of the difficulties that have been faced and come together with kindness and compassion towards each other. Our grandchildren are aware of the actions of those around them. Let’s make sure they are ones we are proud of them seeing.


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