“In and About” in Winston-Salem finding out what people have been up to during the pandemic

It’s the start of the New Year and we are still in pandemic mode. Vaccines are on the horizon but safety still remains of the utmost importance to control the spread of COVID 19. I thought it would be fun to see what some folks (my friends) throughout Forsyth County have been doing to keep themselves busy during these months. There could be some ideas or things that you haven’t thought of that might inspire you.

I personally wish I could share something exciting that my family has been up to or new tradition or hobby that we have implemented. Unfortunately, in August I broke my foot shattering it requiring emergency surgery, a multitude of hardware and 4 different casts – now my big outing is to physical therapy 2x a week and I’ve graduated to an ankle brace and am quite excited about the slow progress. This injury has reminded me what a wonderful family I have, helping me with all of the details of daily living. I have wonderful friends and neighbors that have brought food, helped get our son to and from school, and my sister who has become my personal chauffer and our ‘laundry lady’ deserves a big shout out. I love you Whitney & thank you.

Here are the questions they were asked…enjoy and I hope you and your families continue to stay safe and enjoy your newly gifted time together.

1st question – What is something new you have done during COVID that you might otherwise not have done with this new time you’ve been given at home? (And it doesn’t necessarily have to be done at home).

2nd question– What will you look forward to most post COVID?


1) We have been able to focus on some long overdue house projects and I have been enjoying doing some needlepoint!

2) I look forward to getting back to the craziness of church, school pick-ups, homework, car pools and school athletic events. Our students are missing out on so much!

Laura Neelon

Wife, Busy mom of 3 – Lucy 16 RJR High School

Alice 13 Wiley Middle

Evelyn 9 Whitaker Elementary

Whitaker PTA President 2018-2019

RJR PTSA Vice President 2020-21


1. Worked at my dining table from late March to late May. But since returning to the office in late May, I have been adding more to my tips at restaurants – even for takeout – knowing that wait staff has suffered from fewer customers.

2. Seeing people face-to-face. Whether it be visiting with friends, or teaching my class at Wake Forest, it will be nice to see people up close and personal again, without masks!!

Dave Goren

Professor at Wake Forest University

Executive Director at National Sports Media Association

Sideline Reporter for WFU Football / Wake Forest Sports Properties

Husband, Active dad of 2

1. In April, I started walking around the neighborhood with my husband. With more people at home with Shelter in Place orders, there was less traffic, and the weather was nice. We’ve continued to walk even as it is getting colder and it has been fun to see the seasons change, with the leaves turning and now the holiday decorations.

2. I miss Kernersville’s town festivals and I look forward to being able to attend community events like the Honeybee Festival, Spring Folly, and Car Shows.

Dawn Morgan

Mayor of Kernersville,

Wife, and Busy mom of 3

1. A developing bridge player, I have resorted to playing online bridge, which gives me the opportunity to improve my skills with friends, near and far. Meanwhile, Andy finally had the time to load his entire CD collection onto a hard drive for easier access.

2. Post-COVID, Andy looks forward to performing magic shows once again before a live audience while I can’t wait to travel to see our adult children.

Nancy Schneider

Wife, mom of 2 grown sons, lawyer, owner of Arbor Road Academy

1. We have enjoyed neighborhood walks and even venturing all the way downtown for a change of scenery and added exercise.  We have also enjoyed more family meals at home; home cooked and takeout. With 2 teenagers, it has almost been nice having an early curfew that isn’t imposed by us or our fault.

2. Gathering again with our family and friends is what we are most excited to return to normal!  We will never take gatherings or traveling for granted again!

Dr. R. Morris & Colleen Friedman

Busy parents of 2 daughters, Urologist

1. I’ve attended virtually, through Zoom, some of the arts and nonprofit events. I think the organizations have adapted well in this new technology, and hope will continue after the pandemic is over because they have been able to reach new audiences.

2. Being an extrovert, just able to meet live people in the community in person is what I’ve missed. That is what I do.  People contact would be the most.

Jeffrey L. Smith
SCNTriad Event Communications, Inc.
Smitty’s Notes – SmittysNotes.com – SCNTriad Special Events

1. COVID has turned me into an online creature. Ordering Chick-fil-a, Christmas shopping, conducting mediations & arbitrations, attending church or school related meetings, cheering on NC State and the FCDS Furies at athletic events, receiving continuing education – all of these online in COVID world. The silver lining is that I’ve saved all that commuting time which I now have at home with my family. That has been a rare, good thing about our current circumstances.

I’ve also discovered that I don’t recognize people I know at the grocery store when they are wearing a mask. My internal facial recognition systems don’t work well in the COVID mask environment.

2. I look forward to trips with family and friends, tailgating and attending ballgames, social events, meeting with colleagues, sitting down in a restaurant instead of driving the food home to reheat it. IN other words – the freedom of movement and association as we knew it before COVID.

Ron Spivey

Husband, active dad to Jackson,

Retired Superior Court Judge,

Mediator & Arbitrator

1. Once we realized our children would have classes online, high school for our daughter and college for our son, we wanted to spend time together traveling. Our family has always enjoyed visiting other countries and states, so we bought a travel trailer, a hot spot and hit the road. Since late in the summer of 2020 we have been to the NC mountains for a week, the NC coast for one month and over 2000 miles throughout Florida. Without the changes to online classes for our kids because of COVID we would not have been able to spend so much time together making new family memories.

2. When COVID passes our family is looking forward to continue exploring new places together in our travel trailer, but also getting back to flying and visiting other parts of the world again, too.

Tonya & Scott Craver

Busy parents to

Reynolds & Charlotte, active in church and community


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