Feb 2022 “From the Heart”

Happy Valentine’s Day! The sweetest little holiday tucked between Christmas and Easter. Forever a reminder of my mother-in-law, Delphia Bralley. Her birthday was Valentine’s Day, and it was the perfect birthday for such a sweet soul. Hard to believe it’s been almost seven years since her passing; grateful to have had her for 91 years!

Love and kindness are my jam, and it seems to be in short supply if you listen to the news for very long. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of good to be found, and I’m the queen of focusing on the good. Sometimes to a fault. I tend to put my head in the sand when it comes to the negativity around me. Despite this seeming surge of meanness among the world, I still choose to focus on the good and, most of all, love. Love is mentioned in the New International version of the Bible 686 times! So, obviously, love is a key component of a good life!

My goodness what a difference a month makes. I look back at my “From the Heart” from last month and just have to shake my head. Ever the optimist! So much for my high hopes of returning to normalcy. Covid numbers are skyrocketing, and it seems every time I turn around, someone else I know has it. The bright spot in all of it is that most of the cases I’m hearing of are relatively mild, especially for those who have been vaccinated. I pray that all this brings about some immunity to our world and, between this and continued vaccinations, we truly will see a light at the end of the tunnel soon for this season we are in!

The February issue cover features Novant Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Experts in their field of sports injuries and joint replacements with office locations in Clemmons and Robinhood Road. February continues with our annual prom section. Too early to call whether traditional proms will return this year, but no doubt creative prom experiences will happen, Covid or not! March will be the first in our annual three issue Summer Camp Showcase. Be sure to check it out to plan an amazing summer for your child!

Love & Blessings! 




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