DIY Valentines for Kids

Valentine’s Day has seriously stepped up in relation to DIY projects since most of us were kids. Because most kids have to bring in enough Valentines for their entire class, which is often over 20 children, doing DIY creations can sometimes feel overwhelming. While some can most certainly be very time-intensive, others can be easy enough to fit in the day before (though this is not recommended for lowering your stress level). Make sure to get your kids to help you out with the creation of these, and allow enough time for them to hand-sign them.

  1. Either on the computer or by hand (depending on how “extra” you want to get this year), make a fun blue design with the words, “I’m so glad you’re in my SCHOOL,” on it. Feel free to decorate this additionally with little fish, a goldfish bowl, or even strands of kelp and other oceanic accents. Place this inside a sandwich baggie and add a handful of Goldfish crackers in the front and zip it up.
  2. Take a small piece of construction paper that is long enough to fold in half and decorate it with the words, “I need S’More Friends like You.” In a separate cellophane bag place half of a Graham cracker, a small piece of wrapped chocolate and a marshmallow (heart-shaped if you can find it). Fold the paper over the open edge of the bag and staple closed.
  3. Pick up a bunch of the paint swatches that are in long strips with multiple colors at your local hardware store, one for each Valentine you are making. I would recommend getting one or two extra for yourself, as well. Using a heart-shaped paper punch, punch out a heart in each color. If you don’t have a paper punch in the shape of a heart, you can just draw little hearts of fun designs on the swatch. With a regular circular hole-punch, put a hole in the top center of the swatch strip. Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 5″ long and knot it into the top hole, creating a bookmark! Write on the back, “My Heart’s an Open Book,” and then have your children sign their names.
  4. Pick up some address label stickers that are large enough to place on a ring-pop wrapper. On the stickers, write, “You Shine like a Diamond,” and decorate the sticker with any additional marker colors, glitter glue, or even more fancy stickers. Place each sticker on the Ring- Pop wrapper, and you’re done!
  5. Fill a cellophane bag with Animal Crackers and close with a fun ribbon—a zebra or leopard print would be a great touch. Cut a circle or oval shape out of cardstock, using zigzag scissors, and then paint with fun colors and allow to dry. When completely dry, write with sharpie on one side, “Wild about our Friendship,” and on the other side continue to decorate with sequins and glitter as you see fit. Make it as fun and wild as your heart will take you.
  6. For this one you first need to take a photo of your child holding their hand up in a fist—tell them to imagine that they’re holding a balloon string. Print out as many of these as you need. If you print them on regular printer paper, then glue or tape them onto card stock to make them sturdier. If you have them, you can use decorative-edge scissors as well, and even layer multiple colors. Using an exact-o knife (make sure an adult does this part), cut a ¼” slit just above and just below the fist in the photo. You can then thread the stick of a lollipop through these cuts, and it will give the illusion of the photo version of your child holding a lollipop.
  7. Using whatever combination of scrapbook paper you have on hand, layer 2 or 3 different size rectangles over each other, fusing together with glue. When the glue has dried, write the words, “You Color My World,” down the left side, leaving the right side open. On the right side attach two crayons with decorative washi-tape. If you are feeling exceptionally ambitious, cut up some old crayons and put them into the oven in a heart-shaped silicone mold to create fun themed crayons to add on instead.

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