What No One Tells You about the 40-Somethings

BY RACHEL HOEING, CO-FOUNDER OF TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN The 40-somethings. Some people call it “over the hill.” Some people call it “mid-life.” Know what I call this stage of life? “Hard.” Really freaking hard. And I’m not just talking about the fact that you’re popping Ibuprofen like Skittles, watching your weight fluctuate like a blowfish, […]

Meet the Halloween Switch Witch

BY TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN GUEST BLOGGER AMANDA STAHL If you ask my kids what their favorite holidays might be, they’ll yell out with excitement…Christmas, Easter, and Halloween! Halloween is around the corner, and I remember clearly from last year a quadruple dose of trick-or-treating: at school, at our community party, and going door-to-door in […]

7 Ways to Advocate for Your Child at School

BY TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN GUEST BLOGGER NEELY TURLINGTON  If you’re like me, the start of a new school year can bring on a range of emotions. There can be excitement for the possibilities ahead, worry about the challenges, and anxiety about how to get the year started on the right track.  As the parent of a […]

Back to School: Everything I Wish I Had Known About Kindergarten

By Triad Moms on Main Guest Blogger Tracy Huneycutt I remember the weeks leading up to my son’s Kindergarten year last summer. We had all of his school supplies purchased and ready, he had a new book bag and lunch bag picked out. He had completed two wonderful years of preschool, so as a family […]

A New Military Mom Reflects on Memorial Day

By Yvette Boland, Guest Blogger for Triad Moms on Main  My son, TJ, just completed his plebe year (first year) at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. I know many other moms of 2021 high school graduates, and they were busy earlier this summer picking up their freshman from school. On the flip […]

Day Trip Idea: Dan Nicholas Park

By Laura Dydek with Triad Moms on Main Dan Nicholas Park is so much more than just a park! This is absolutely worth the day trip and something everyone in your family will enjoy. I even skipped my son’s (very necessary) nap for the day trip, and I don’t regret it one bit. We had heard […]

A Mindful Mom: “Go Ahead, Touch the Sand”

BY ELLEN BRYANT LLOYD, A GUEST BLOGGER FOR TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN With the possibility of spring beach trips on the horizon, I was reminded of a beach trip my family took several years ago and an important lesson I learned while there. One afternoon, while relaxing by the water, I noticed a young girl […]


BY GUEST BLOGGER DENNETTE BAILEY, BLOGGER WITH TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN Child abuse awareness is very close to my heart, as I was a victim of child abuse.  One of the things I promised myself as a child is that I would do my best to help abused children, as well as caring adults, recognize […]

Supermom Syndrome

BY TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN BLOGGER ASHLEY QUINN KIBBY Parenting is transformational on every level. Overnight, my husband and I multiplied from two to four. We became oxytocin bodies, with increased feedback loops for social experience and bonding. We interrupted our daily wakefulness, work, play, and sleep regimen to adopt new routines that revolved around […]

What I Packed in My Hospital Bag with Baby #2

I just had my second baby on February 19, so since the hospital stay is fresh in my mind, I thought I’d share a peek into what I packed this time around. When my first baby was born, I remember doing tons of research to try to figure out what to pack. This time around, […]