A Season for Everything – Make “This Season Will Pass” Your Motherhood Mantra During the Hard Times

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As a mom, there are so many times life feels stagnant or unrelenting. From newborns to teenagers and everything in between, it’s easy to feel like the hard stages our children go through will never end. The good news is those stages will indeed end. I’ve found during those hard, seemingly long times, it’s so important to remember there is a season for everything.

A Season of No Sleep 

The sleepless nights during infancy feel so very long. I have three girls and, each time, it felt that way. Every time during that sleep-deprived stage, I would catch myself asking if this would ever end. Of course, it does end. It never felt like it at the time, but those long nights came to an end like every other season of motherhood. 

A Season of Both Mental and Physical Exhaustion

Just when moms get that sweet baby sleeping some of, if not all through, the night comes a different level of tiredness. During the toddler years, the tantrums, chasing after them and constantly teaching them new things gets exhausting. Again, it is always easy to slip into that mindset that this exhaustion might never end. Yet, that season has an end, too.

A Season of On the Go

As the years progress, they shift into other motherhood trials, such as constant chauffeuring, never-ending extracurriculars and that dreaded school pick-up line (I mean seriously, why must we arrive like an hour early to get a good spot in line?). With every new stage of childhood comes different hard aspects. It’s natural to keep slipping back into that feeling that hard times will never end. So, while it feels unending in that moment, remember that season will end.

A Season of Serious Challenges 

Once those teenage years hit, the seasons feel drastically different. It’s filled with uncertainty for our children and their futures. From Driver’s Ed to taking the SAT, our teenagers face a mountain of challenges. As moms, these fearful moments of not knowing what their future holds or holding our breath while they are behind the wheel feel unrelenting. The sleepless nights sometimes return but for entirely different reasons. Believe it or not, this season will pass, too. Before we know it, we will blink and that angsty teenager will be an amazing adult.

A Season of Curveballs

Then, there are those seasons of life that feel like we are taking a beating. From March 2023 through January 2024, my life constantly kept throwing curveballs. You know that expression, “when it rains it pours”? Well, forget the pouring, it was full on monsoon season for me. Every time I felt like life might be swinging back to good times, a curveball was thrown my way. Of course, I kept thinking, will this monsoon ever end? Like any season, it did, things slowed down and the curveballs stopped, at least for a bit.

Only Here for a Season

No matter what season of motherhood you are in, don’t forget it’ll end and change. After all, change is inevitable. Therefore, embrace your current season no matter what that might be at this moment. 

Better yet, enjoy those moments, no matter how hard, as they truly are fleeting. Kiss your sweet newborn at that 4 a.m. feeding and get all the snuggles as they will be grown before you know it. Give your toddler a hug even when they break down at the grocery store because they still can’t express to you that you are their world. After your child gets in the car at the end of the school day, after that very long wait in the car pickup line, remind them you love them. When your teenager comes to you upset about the latest friend or relationship drama, listen with an open mind and no judgment because they are choosing to trust you with their most important issues.

Each moment, no matter the season, provides us with a chance to practice patience and reminders of all we have to be grateful for as moms. So, when a season is hard, remember, it’ll pass just like winter always turns to spring.


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