Navigating Budgeting Conversations With Your Partner

Dollars and cents may be black and white, but discussing finances can be a sensitive topic for many people. In fact, money arguments are the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity. Financial firm TD Ameritrade released data sharing that 41% of divorced Gen Xers and 29% of Boomers say they ended their marriage due […]

I Love Me: Intentional Activities to Teach Children About Self Love

One of the most important and meaningful relationships your child will ever have is with themselves. The art of self love begins early in life and with the right encouragement, resources and examples of what a healthy relationship with their mind, body and spirit looks like. Exploring different age appropriate activities can help children develop […]

Make it a Salem Summer at Salem Gymnastics & Swim

The calendar may say “February,” but summer is fast approaching, and we want children to have the BEST, most FUN summer possible! For years, Salem Gymnastics & Swim has hosted Totally Kids Camps where kids from all over the Triad have enjoyed spending their summer days. The wonderful team at Salem Gymnastics & Swim is […]

Reflections of a Southern Yankee: Southern Comfort

Forty-three of my 49 years on God’s green earth have been spent below the Mason-Dixon line. I guess that makes me more “Rebel” than “Yankee.” I’d like to think I’ve been able to display the best attributes of both cultures. I tell it like it is while still maintaining the gentleman persona. I’ve tried to […]

Heart Healing Times Two: Sisters Share a Story of Heredity & Hope

Identical twins Patricia Wood and Pamela Smith aren’t surprised when they are mistaken for each other. While growing up looking and sounding exactly alike, confusion here and there was a common occurrence. What isn’t quite so common is that the two – now age 64 — had identical heart events, ironically a year apart. While […]

The Little Things We Love

Merriam-Webster defines love as “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” What we feel for those we love, however, can be so hard to define, so overwhelming and so difficult to pin down. Love really means so much more than any dictionary can define. Love can grab your heart when you […]

The Benefits of a Solo Date

by BETHANY GODWIN Have you ever spent time alone, intentionally? I don’t mean lying on the couch after the kids have gone to bed scrolling through your phone or searching Netflix for something that you know you can only watch when you’re alone. I mean planning an entire day for yourself, by yourself. Time is […]

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

It’s hard for us to imagine it now, but there was a long stretch of time in history when people had no idea that germs existed. Instead, they thought disease was brought on by foul odors, evil spirits or even divine retribution for a life of sin! Imagine. All this changed when the germ theory […]

Spotlight on Ginger: Superfood to Feel Superhuman and Boost Beauty

by SUSAN BOYOUNG BAILEY SCHABACKER Ginger is not simply a spice – it’s a beauty booster, too. It packs a powerful punch in the flavor department and is frequently found in Asian cuisine and baking and brims with potent nutrient content. Originating from Southeast Asia, ginger belongs to a family of aromatic flowering perennials. Traditional […]

3 Freezer-Friendly Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas for Kids

It may be cold outside, but February is National Hot Breakfast Month making it the perfect time to serve up a hot meal each morning to start your day cozy and warm! The reality is with morning mayhem taking over most houses with young kids, it can feel daunting to cook up a hot breakfast. […]