Teach Your Well: Be Kind

When my nephew and his wife were looking for “day care” for their two-year old son, they knew that they wanted: a caring provider a supportive environment intellectual stimulation and enrichment individualized attention You know, pretty much what all loving parents want for their own. But these millennial professionals with goals, dreams, and strong values, […]

The Dynamic Evolution of Language: From Pronouns to Emojis

Language, as a living and dynamic entity, evolves alongside society, culture and technological advancements. Over the years, numerous changes have occurred in grammar rules and linguistic trends, shaping the way we communicate and express ourselves. This article will explore some key transformations that language has undergone, shedding light on how these shifts have influenced our […]

Reflections from a Southern Yankee: Home Sweet Home

Almost heaven West Virginia  Blue Ridge Mountains Shenandoah River ~ John Denver I had been on the hour and a half ride up Interstate 81 to the northernmost part of the Shenandoah Valley plenty of other times. But, this time was different. This time involved a moving truck. My 6th grade year had ended, and […]

Unique and Charming Hostess Gifts for Your Next Holiday Soiree

It’s the holiday season which can mean one thing – more parties and gatherings to attend. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas or another type of get-together, the next few weeks will be filled with invitations and RSVPs. It is traditional southern etiquette to never go to someone’s house empty handed. Some of the usual […]

The Power of Board Games and Critical Thinking for Children

It’s family game night. You and your loved ones are sitting down for a fun version of Monopoly. This economic-based game has your family members winning or losing money, collecting $200, buying, trading and developing properties, all with the intention of causing their opponents to go into bankruptcy. But, did you know that while playing […]

It’s A Grand Life – Taking Care of Grandchildren 

A while back, I was asked to stay with my two youngest grandchildren while their parents embarked on an overseas trip which had been months in the planning. I was thrilled for them and looked forward to spending half the time they would be gone caring for my little loves.  It was wonderful for my […]

Kindness: Why We Need To Pay It Forward

by RENEE SKUDRA On a difficult day, albeit a resplendently beautiful fall one, with autumn colors shooting their vibrant and riotous tones into the world, I felt an overwhelming sense of despair. The landlord had raised our rent almost $500/month, my Toyota had gotten smashed in a cryptic hit-and-run by an elderly woman with a […]

National Nachos Day: Monday, November 6th

There are many foods in the world that deserve celebration – cake, ice cream, pizza, spaghetti and tacos come to mind. But nachos? Nachos live in a category all their own.  A Brief History of Nachos For anyone who has been living under a rock his or her entire life, nachos is a Mexican dish […]

Making Dollars, Making $ense: Calculating Home Affordability

BY STEVEN GALLO, CFP®, FINANCIAL ADVISOR You have your sights on that gorgeous house with the quintessential white picket fence. It is perfect in every sense. Before you dive into full-on HGTV mode, let’s address the big question: how much house can you really afford? It’s not solely about the mortgage payments; there’s a whole […]

People of Prominence – Taja Seafus

“A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist’s world.” ~ Hans Hoffman Taja Seafus is a local artistic pioneer. She has embarked on endeavors in the art community that have propelled her as a young adult into a spotlight she never dreamed of. She is the leader […]

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