To the Grieving Child on Father’s Day 

Dear Grieving Child,  If you’ve ever heard and felt the saying, “Even in a crowded room, you feel alone,” you’ve likely experienced grief. In my almost 13 years of being a grieving daughter, I’ve learned a lot and also felt a lot of different things. If you’re reading this and you relate to this story, […]

Crystal Lake – A History of Swimming in Winston Salem

On June 12, 1925, an article in the Winston-Salem Journal announced that “Beautiful Crystal Lake Opens Today.” It was called “a swimming resort” and was located at the home of Harry T. Davis on Reynolda Road, four miles from Winston-Salem.” The pool was described as being “two hundred feet long and sixty-five feet wide and having a […]

Celebrating International Holidays Without Offense

Considered a buzz word to some, and deeply personal to others, cultural appropriation is a very important concept to understand and internalize. But, what is cultural appropriation? Simply defined, it is taking something with high cultural importance of another’s culture and using it for your personal gain or enjoyment. A prevalent example of this is […]

The Importance of Building a Young Reader’s Background Knowledge

To be an effective reader, it is helpful to have an expansive vocabulary, strong comprehension skills and a good foundation of phonics, phonemic awareness and fluency skills. This technical language can be boiled down to the fact that to be an effective reader, a person should have a good understanding of the English language in […]

Truliant Brings you Triad Area Events in June

June offers a variety of interesting and exciting events for families to experience in and around the Triad. Here are some of the top offerings: Southern Idiom: Tammy Willard SECCA, Winston-Salem May 5-July 23, various hours Free SECCA’s “Southern Idiom” exhibition continues with “Sparks from Shadows,” a collection of new works by Tammy Willard. Willard […]

These Vintage Toys Could Make You Rich!

You might be surprised to learn that some of the toys from your past are quite valuable today. Vintage toy collectors and nostalgia seekers alike are willing to pay quite a lot for toys that may have cost only a few dollars back in the day. Get ready to check your attic and sort through […]

Reflections of a Southern Yankee: Country

There are a few things in life that give you that sinking feeling in your stomach and a sense of dread – the check engine light coming on is one of them. Now, multiply those feelings by 1,000 when it happens an hour and a half from home and in an area where there isn’t […]

Salem Lake: Winston-Salem’s Hidden Diamond 

by RENEE SKUDRA  In hard times, with daily talk concerning a possible recession, civil unrest, climate change, escalating crime, homelessness and political discord, one especially needs a sanctuary. Mine is Salem Lake which has been called the “hidden diamond” in the Twin City. Located just minutes away from downtown is a 365-acre shining blue lake […]

The Dog Walks Us

by RENEE SKUDRA It happened again today while attempting to walk our Bichon Frise, Jackson, at a farmer’s market  when a woman in a blue, oversized UNC-Chapel Hill jacket, heading towards us, bellowed out “Who’s walking the dog? Looks like he’s walking you!” What felt like a small headwind on a Winnie-the-Pooh-type blustery day was […]

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