by TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN CO-MANAGER SANDY HARPER As moms, we give and give. We give our time, love, help, support and, most of all, grace. Yet, we rarely give ourselves grace. This got me thinking about things I need to remember for myself. If I need to remind myself of these, I figured most […]

Swimming with the Sharks… Not Quite!

by TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN GUEST BLOGGER MICHELLE SPELL Have you ever been to a theme park and waited in line to take a character picture all to have one of your kids adamantly stay out of the picture? We had that in Epcot years ago but couldn’t understand why until we pressed the issue […]

What’s Pregnancy Like While Recovering From an Eating Disorder?

by TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN GUEST BLOGGER MELANIE VAUGHN It’s been a few years since I feared seeing the numbers on a scale. Furthermore, it’s been a few years since I feared counting calories. As a pre-teen, I became anorexic. The thoughts and words of others greatly affected me to the point that, if I […]

Navigating Grief with Love After a Crushing Loss

by TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN CO-MANAGER SUZY FIELDERS Back in 2017, I wrote this TMoM blog about an extremely hard time in my life and the first time I truly felt all-encompassing despair. Well, 2023 was the first time I truly felt all-encompassing grief. I wanted to share my story in hopes that it helps […]

Triad Moms on Main: My Journey to Motherhood

by TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN TEAM MEMBER BROOKE COLEY I have dreamed of motherhood ever since I was a little girl. I rocked my baby dolls and pushed my little brother in his stroller. I became a teacher, married my college sweetheart and couldn’t wait to start our family. I never knew anyone who struggled […]

A Mindful Mom: Yay for Sunshine Sprinkles!

by Triad Moms on Main Team Member Ellen Bryant Lloyd “OOOOOHHHHHHHH, Daddy, LOOOOOK! I found the SUNSHINE SPRINKLES! Just LOOK! Aren’t these Sunshine Sprinkles beautiful? I LOVE them! YAY for SUNSHINE SPRINKLES!” I was grocery shopping when I heard these words enthusiastically spoken by a joy-filled child. She skipped in my direction to meet up […]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Where My Very Own Rainbow Baby Waited for Me

by Triad Moms on Main Co-Manager SUZY FIELDERS  Rainbow baby. Do you know this term? If you do, then it has likely directly impacted you, and you probably have or are hoping for a rainbow baby yourself. Until October 2021, I had never really put much thought into that term or truly understood its meaning. […]

Triad Moms on Main: Doing Good Things: Helping Others One Delivery at a Time

by Triad Moms on Main Guest Blogger JAY CALLAHAN From 2015-2019, I drove around a white Volkswagen minivan and tried to give back to the community of Greater Winston-Salem in a little way through the Man Van. Then, in 2019, we sold the minivan and, more importantly, our third child, Cooper, was born. Through Cooper’s […]

Teen Relationships: 8 Ways to Help Them Make Smart Choices

by Triad Moms on Main Blogger Britney Dent Have your children reached that age where they aren’t really “kids” but they aren’t yet adults? If so, you might be facing very different issues than you were when they were little. As a parent, you can help your teen make smart choices. Children often grow up […]

Goals for Time in Nature

by Triad Moms on Main Co-Manager Sandy Harper Individual goal setting is often hard to keep up with after about a month. Typically, goal failure is due to not having an accountability partner. Hence, why not make a goal where the entire family gets to participate? Try setting a goal that holds interest for everyone […]

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