A to Z Food Remedies

Recall the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding?  In the hilarity of the events from beginning to end, one aspect still resonates.  The father-in-law recommended Windex to cure a developing pimple.  The astounding response: “It worked, who knew?” In the moment of difficulty, we have surrendered to the trial of a recommended cure to boost wellness, ease pain, and save money.  Some advice worked miraculously, while others failed miserably!  Most likely, you occasionally drink cranberry juice to prevent a urinary tract infection, consume a teaspoon of raw honey for allergy relief, and eat chicken noodle soup when sick.  It’s a shame many of the traditional home remedies and wives’ tales fell out of favor in the medical community.  The lengthy side-effects of pharmaceuticals confirm that we need a natural solution.  Perhaps, the following list will recall a memory of someone quite special, or instill a need to devour particular fruits, vegetables, herbs, or extractions!

Almonds: In a nut-based snack bag, almonds are a common ingredient. Keep nibbling to lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides!

Blueberries:  As a super-food, the blueberry has five servings of antioxidants for just one of other fruits and vegetables.  Consuming the berry frozen maintains the nutritious value while promoting cognitive benefits, such as verbal memory.

Sour Cherries: The uric acid in cherries will trigger a gout attack; however, drinking tart cherry juice is a preventative measure against it!

Coffee:  One more cup, please! Coffee contains antioxidants, which have beneficial cancer-fighting properties that aid the liver and skin.

Cornstarch:  Medications, at times, can promote side-effects; therefore, in cases such as rosacea, the solution isn’t over-the-counter lotions and cortisone creams; instead, apply a light coating of cornstarch morning and night. Within a week, the inflammation should heal.

Cucumber:  If you want flavor in water, infuse slices of cucumber the night before in a pitcher.  Drinking throughout the day will bring about a lack of appetite and promote weight loss.

Flaxseed Oil: Whether you use the seed form or the gel tablet, flaxseed is a vital supplement to improve skin conditions, hair texture, and harden nails.  It is the perfect plant with substantial benefits for the whole body.

Green Tea: In processing the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, transition from steaming to drying in hot air.  If you drink it regularly, the beneficial compounds in the tea, research suggests, will strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis and various cancers!  Cheers!

Lemon:  Adding a slice to your water encourages you to internalize a fair amount of citric acid.  By increasing urine volume and pH levels, the mere flavoring creates a less favorable environment for kidney stone formation! Yes, lemon, please!

Mayonnaise: An inexpensive solution for lice or dandruff is not necessarily a shampoo, but an application of your preferred mayo brand.  Allow the ingredients of mayonnaise to saturate the skin and suffocate anything potentially living!

Raw Onion: Stings are miserable; therefore, cut a yellow onion and allow the juices to impact areas of redness and swelling.  Cover with gauze and wait at least one hour before removing!

Pomegranates:  The compounds punicalagin and punicic acid offer three times the antioxidants of red wine or green tea. Start eating the red culinary delight, whether as seeds or juice, to prevent coronary artery disease and aid blood pressure levels!

Soy Sauce: An application of this liquid to heal burns sounds illogical: however, it has proven to reduce the burning sensations within a minute and relieve soreness and redness.  When wondering what to grab first, try a bottle of soy sauce!

Turmeric:  The golden yellow spice has large quantities of antioxidants, as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds.  Add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to eggs or other foods to boost facial radiance, diminish acne, aid stomach difficulties, colds, and promote healing.

Apple Cider Vinegar: The juices of fermented apple juice are an effective means to manage blood glucose and lipid levels.  Consider using ACV to create salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, and chutneys.

Walnuts:  Fatty acids containing Omega-3 do wonders for the heart; yet, did you know walnuts can stabilize heart rhythms, prevent heart attacks, and cut the risk of developing type-two diabetes?

Keep researching your favorite foods to learn how to heal or maintain wellness!


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