7 Reasons to Choose Kitchen Tune-Up of Winston-Salem

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home.  And with that in mind, you want it to be well conditioned and in great working order.  But over time, everyday wear and tear, plus changes to family lifestyles, may take a toll on your kitchen.  Having an expert to bring new life to it can help.  With that said—meet Peter Mahoney—a man who knows a thing or two about kitchens.  He should; he’s renovated over 700 of them!  

As a seasoned contractor and remodeling pro, Peter and his wife, Rebecca, a retired Air Force officer, were eager to make a change.  After living in New Hampshire and working in Boston, they moved to Winston-Salem in 2020 to start Kitchen Tune-Up.  “We love it here,” said Peter.  “When we were looking to start our business, this was an open market, and we feel fortunate that we are the ones who brought this business to the area.”

So, why Kitchen Tune-Up?  

1. The model is based on efficiency.  “It’s no secret that home remodeling projects take time,” said Peter.  “Often the dread of the mess and inconvenience keeps people in outdated kitchens far longer than they need to be…. The Kitchen Tune-Up model is based on efficiency.  We can transform a kitchen within five days.  

“But do not equate efficiency with less than quality work,” Peter continued.  “We take tremendous pride in producing quality results with quality products.  With our singular focus on kitchens, we know how to make the best use of our time and turn out beautiful results.”

2. Kitchen Tune-Up offers cost-effective solutions.  “A kitchen tune-up is about giving an existing kitchen space a facelift,” said Peter.  “If the bones are good, we can bring cost-effective solutions.  In many cases, the cabinets are structurally fine—we simply need to paint them and replace the doors and hardware.  It’s less mess and less money!”

3. The Kitchen Tune-Up team are experienced professionals.  “My team are true pros,” said Peter.  “We are construction professionals who understand the ins and outs of a kitchen—from the cabinets and counters to the electricity and plumbing.

“Additionally,” Peter continued, “our team of professionals arrives ready to work at 8 AM, and they are usually out the door by 4:30.  But when our team leaves, we clean up, leaving the kitchen in working order, no matter where we are in the process of remodeling.  We want to ensure that homeowners can continue to use their kitchens even mid-project.”

4. A Kitchen Tune-Up improves the value of your home.  “It’s no secret that two things have the best return on investment for a homeowner,” said Peter.  “Kitchens and bathrooms.  If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, but need to update the kitchen first, a Kitchen Tune-Up may be the perfect solution.  After all, 80% of homebuyers identify the kitchen as one of their top three most important factors in searching for a house.  A Kitchen Tune-Up adds value to the home!”

5. The options are practically endless.  Peter shared, “We have a great feature on our website called a Design Tool.  It enables a homeowner to select a kitchen similar to their own and look at the various options—from appliances, counters, sinks, floors, paint—the works!  It’s a fun way to get inspired without being overwhelmed by all the options.

“Plus,” Peter continued, “We stand behind the products we use.  We offer our clients customizable solutions with brands and products we trust.  We can help guide homeowners to make the decisions that will work best for their home and lifestyle.”

6. Financing is available.  “We have a great partnership with several lenders,” said Peter.  “Again, our website proves to be useful for the homeowner by helping them identify the best loan options available to make financing their dream kitchen a possibility.”

7. Excellent service is a promise.  “I always encourage prospective customers to read our Google and Home Advisor reviews,” said Peter.  “Our goal at the end of every project is for our customer to say, ‘WOW! That was the best experience I’ve ever had with a contractor.’  As I tell my team—we want to always exceed expectations.  And I’m proud to say that based on our reviews—my team delivers.”

Kitchen Tune-Up is based in Clemmons, NC, and serves the Winston-Salem, High Point, and Greensboro areas.  Contact Kitchen Tune-Up at 336.970.3419 or e-mail Peter at PMahoney@KitchenTuneUp.com.  Visit the website at KitchenTuneUp.com and be sure to like them on Facebook.


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