Who Am I?

Many people go through life not really understanding themselves, what motivates them, and why they do what they do. But if we aren’t self-aware, we don’t have a baseline to […]

Heart of the Home

BY KALI NEWLEN-BURDEN | PHOTOS BY J. SINCLAIR ICON Custom Builders is just as excited as its clients are about tackling a kitchen remodel. Project and design coordinator Katherine Yeager […]

Oct 2022 “From the Heart”

Ahhh, smell the pumpkin spice aroma as you enter just about anywhere this month! If it can be flavored or scented this time of year, rest assured it will involve […]

When Your Child Has Migraine

“Mommy, my head hurts!”  As a parent, you know how hard it is to hear those words, knowing your child is in pain. What’s even harder is not knowing what’s […]

Is a Land Management Plan Right for Me?

The fall season brings out the best in nature lovers, who wander around their property no longer impacted by pesky insects or the high humidity.  Trees receive a careful inspection […]

The View from My Section

Are emotions contagious? There’s a psychological phenomenon called emotional contagion that implies emotions produce energy that can be transferred from person to person. A typical example would be a coach’s […]

Understanding Bitters, Improving Gut Health

The word bitters conjure delicious, fruity mixed drinks, perhaps including a whole cherry, lemon wedge, or a distinct spice.  With a few shakes of the canister, the mixologist, in seconds, […]

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