My Grace-Full Life: Meet Tyler Tankersley

In almost three years of writing My Grace-Full Life, I’ve never interviewed someone for this column. So this month has a bit of a different direction than normal.  But it’s something […]

Tami’s Devotion: HOMEWORK

When my kids were younger, homework was our least favorite part of the school year. It felt like we could not get through a weekday afternoon without a homework meltdown.  […]

Paid in Full

The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  ~ Romans 6:23 When someone gets paid for the work […]

Local Eagle Scout Awarded

According to, there were 52,160 Eagle Scout rankings earned in 2018 nationwide, which equate to 6.49% of the Scouts eligible for the award. North Carolina ranked #5 for the overall […]

Why I Loved My School Lunchbox

BY LAUREN SEPHTON With a new school year in session, there shouldn’t have to be the added stress of having to create a healthy, yet tasty lunchbox every day. Using […]

The Vision of the Modern Playground

The first American playground, built-in 1867, included swings, slides, and a wooden carousel.  In 1907, one influential man had the vision to help every state and school create a safe […]

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