Stepping into Adulthood

In the days when potty training and tying shoes were the first few milestones, parents imagined a burst of confetti to celebrate the triumphant occasion.  In the blink of an eye, the routine of daily life prepared for yet a new event, a child stepping into adulthood.   “Letting go” started long before teens left home […]

Birthday Party Art Projects

If your child has an upcoming birthday and you are struggling with a theme that all of the kids (and you) will enjoy, consider an Art Party!  Growing in popularity in conjunction with the growing theme of DIY parties for adults, these are a great way to encourage creativity at your child’s birthday party, while […]

A Sweet Ending: Oreo Cheesecake Bites

Full disclaimer: these are addicting! I work with many wonderful people and as someone who loves to bake, I often find myself bringing in weekend leftovers, recipe trials or random sweet treats to simply get them out of my kitchen. Because I am now deemed “The Sweet Treat Queen,” I am even given requests for […]

Family Dining at Mac & Nelli’s

When it comes to dining out as a family, restaurant choice is always a big deal to parents.  The choice of where to go boils down to factors such as convenience, menu diversity strong enough to cater to an adult palate as well as the picky eater in the family (and we all have one), […]

You’re Invited! An Insider’s Guide to Birthday Invitations

There are many times in a person’s life that call for a celebration—one being their birthday. The day when a person is born is very special and important. It is the one day out of a 365-day year where someone should be honored. One way to make this person feel special is by having a […]

What Taekwondo is Really About

BY LOGAN KELLY Most people think Taekwondo is about punching, kicking, and fighting, but it isn’t. I thought so, too, when I started at six years old. It was fun thinking that I would learn to fight. But now that I have practiced for four years, I know the real meaning of Taekwondo is something […]

Video Game Therapy

Many adults (especially parents) may view playing video games as a waste of time. They are afraid that loved ones may become addicted to these random acts of playing, but are video games not also beneficial to our minds? And how do we go about avoiding the dreaded gamers’ addiction? ADVANTAGES TO PLAYING VIDEO GAMES […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Snow Days!

These fun recipes are great for your next snow day with the kids! Avalanche Treats, hot chocolate and Maple Snow Candy are perfect for those cozy days inside when it’s snowy and school is out. Just be sure an adult helps with the Maple Snow Candy! Avalanche Treats Ingredients: 2 cups Crispy Rice cereal 1 […]

New Year’s Resolutions for the Mother with Young Children

BY LAURA SIMON, a Regular Blogger with Triad Moms on Main These years of mothering are hard. They’re amazing. They’re full of growth—for us, too—and not just the kids. Why do we go around setting impossible standards for ourselves, when getting through the day is enough to considerably strengthen and deepen our character? Listen, we can […]

Bring on the Freebees! It’s Your Birthday

What’s the best gift on your birthday?  That answer changes with your age.  Think about it.  No one remembers their first birthday, but it’s likely recorded in photos or videos—that memorable moment when you either smashed the cake with your hand or dived right in for a big bite.  As a kid, birthdays were all […]