Birthday Party Art Projects

If your child has an upcoming birthday and you are struggling with a theme that all of the kids (and you) will enjoy, consider an Art Party!  Growing in popularity in conjunction with the growing theme of DIY parties for adults, these are a great way to encourage creativity at your child’s birthday party, while still impressing the other parents. Most importantly, these ideas for art party projects will ensure that everybody involved will have a great time.

Ice Cream Collage Art

Before the party, go through old magazines and cut/tear up a bunch of pieces of differently colored pictures and place them in bowls around the table. Cut out a few brown triangles from construction paper and place them on the table as well. Each child will get his or her own large piece of construction paper and glue stick and can pick the cones and pieces of torn paper to collage together scoops of ice-cream to be on top of the ice cream cone. You can leave the tearing of the pieces of paper to the children, depending on their age and abilities, but with the attention span of children at birthday parties, it is often best to prep beforehand.

Collage Pencil Holders

Using the same prep technique as the Ice Cream Collage Art, prep all the necessary pieces of paper and lay out on the table, ensuring a good mix of colors and sizes. Give each child one or two plastic cups, which can be purchased at any dollar store or thrift shop. Arrange a spattering of small bowls containing decoupage glue and foam brushes for the paper to be attached to the cups with. If the children are old enough to know how to read, encourage them to find words in the piles of scrap paper that describe themselves, to give the project a positive and inspiring twist.

 Canvas Letters

This craft is the only one discussed today for which it is very important to have a correct RSVP list, unless you happen to keep a full alphabet of canvasses around your house. Most craft stores and some online retailers sell stretched canvasses that are formed in the shape of letters of the alphabet. Pick the first initial of each child’s name, and let them paint and otherwise decorate it—this can be a multimedia project with glitter, sequins, beads, or even collage paper.

Painted Cardboard Animal Hangings

If your child is an animal buff, print out a silhouette of their favorite animal and cut out a bunch of them in cardboard. You can also choose to have a whole menagerie of animals available for the children to choose from. Let each child paint his or hers however they wish, adding glitter or sequins if wanted. When the animals have dried, thread a piece of yarn through two holes in them, so they can be hung flat on the wall when the children bring them home.

 Decorated Cupcakes

All craft stores have packs of cheap white plastic circular paint palettes. These are coincidentally the perfect size in the middle to fit a cupcake! At the dessert round, place one frosted cupcake in the center of a paint palette for each child. In the paint wells, place decorations for the cupcakes, such as edible glitter, sprinkles, and other candies. Each child will get to create and then devour their own masterpiece.

While you are planning the main craft, don’t forget to think about the many other things that make parties great, such as invitations, decorations, and food! You can hand write or print your invitations on paint color chip cards, picked up at your local hardware store, or find a free template online with a paint palette on it. You can put little candies in mini-tins, decorated as paint tins, as the favor. If you make Rice Krispy Treats, you can decorate the top in colored frosting and stick a popsicle stick into the bottom to create the illusion of a paintbrush. Rainbow colors are definitely the best when it comes to décors, such as streamers and balloons, for an art-themed party. And don’t forget that this rainbow paint theme can extend to the cake, too!


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