11 Reasons You’ll Want to Call JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group

’Tis the season…. Real estate season…. The bees are buzzing, and the birds are chirping, and the real estate market is back in full swing!  Not that there’s ever really an off-season…but spring brings out the prime season for both buyers and sellers. That means finding a realtor who is experienced is of paramount importance.  Namely, buyers and sellers want real estate experts who can:

  • Sell a home fast and for top dollar!
  • Recommend resources and contractors to help with renovations and repairs.
  • Be an advocate for first-time buyers!
  • Manage the stressful moments!
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently.
  • Negotiate, including negotiations of multiple offers!
  • Help stage a home to show well.
  • Be attentive to detail.
  • Be knowledgeable about the market, especially for those who are relocating!
  • Be better than their competition.
  • Be a dependable and personable professional of integrity!

With that said—the team at JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group is leading the way in every category!  Led by Tim Gupton and Jenny Edwards, this realty group has decades of combined experience.  For this team, it is all about the perfect blend of real estate and relationships.

Sell a home fast and for top dollar!

Tim, Jenny, and their team are committed to selling homes quickly and getting the best price for them!  This is a huge win for everyone, certainly the home seller!  After all, selling a home is stressful.  But when you have professionals who understand the art of selling and negotiations, things definitely come together quickly.

Customer Testimonials:

“We had a rental property that we decided to sell, and our tenants were still occupying until it was sold.  [Thanks to Melinda]…, it was only on the market for three days before an offer came in.”

“Melinda sold our house in less than two months!”

“We [worked with Tanya and] had multiple offers in just a few days!”

“Tanya is the best in Greensboro! I listed two rental properties with her, and they sold within a month.” 

Recommend resources and contractors to help with renovations and repairs.

A real estate agent is much more than someone who buys and sells houses.  They are looked to as the ultimate resource for all things real estate—including recommendations for repairs and renovations.  The realtors at JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group are well-connected and happy to offer recommendations!

Customer Testimonials:

“I mentioned [to Melinda] that I would need to set up a home inspection and a home warranty. She informed me that she had already made a list of people that I could contact for each of those that she thought would be good to use.”

“[Tanya] had great recommendations for services we needed, such as local handyman and irrigation services, just to name a few.”

Be an advocate for first-time buyers!

Buying a first home is a nail-biting experience! While it gets easier, that first purchase is a mix of excitement, fear, uncertainty, and a big ol’ dose of anxiety.  The JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group is a team of professionals who genuinely care and will be patient through the process.

Customer Testimonials:

“Melinda is absolutely amazing! Highly recommended, she helped me and my husband buy our first home together.”

“Kameron was our realtor with buying our first house.  We were new to the whole process, but Kameron made it simple and easy!”

“Samantha Dilmore was an amazing agent, patient and knowledgeable. She was able to answer questions that my wife and I had, which were abundant, since this is our first home purchase. Samantha made house shopping a pleasant experience. We felt she really listened to our wants and needs and showed us a few properties that were absolutely amazing. If you need a great realtor that’s going to take care of you and your family, I would recommend giving her a call.”

Manage the stressful moments!

Buying a house ranks among the top most stressful things a person can go through!  Thank goodness for those realtors who can navigate the confusing waters of real estate and help make stressful situations more manageable.

Customer Testimonials:

“[Marsha] is very patient and understanding during stressful times.”

“Jenny was tremendous! Unfortunately, my husband experienced a job loss in the middle of our home-buying process, halting our loan acceptance. When we re-enter the home-buying process again, we will be going with no other agent than Jenny Edwards!”

“[Tim] guided us day by day every step of the way through what we had thought would be a very stressful and anxiety-producing process, but it turned out smoother than we could have imagined thanks to Tim’s hard work on our behalf.”

Communicate clearly and efficiently.

Communication is crucial to any relationship, but especially in real estate.  After all, real estate is usually the most expensive purchase most people will ever make!  At JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group, communication is foundational to everything they do.

Customer Testimonials:

“If something came up, [Melinda] was right on top of it and made sure it was taken care of right away.”

“[Melinda] answered all our questions really quickly, and the whole process went by super smoothly!”

“Sara was always just a text or phone call away, no matter the time or day of the week.”

“[Lisa] made sure to respond to any of our concerns in a prompt manner. She helped us better understand any questions we had.”

“[Lisa] always answered all my e-mails and texts ASAP.”

“Marsha was always on top of her game! Easy to talk with and never felt pressured. Always felt she was working for us—and always great communicating and getting back to us quickly with any questions or concerns we had!”

Negotiate, including negotiations of multiple offers!

One of the primary skills any good real estate agent will bring to the table is the art of negotiation!  Buyers and sellers are equally dependent on negotiations to get the best purchase and selling prices in their respective transactions!  Tim, Jenny, and the JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group team have masterful negotiation skills, including how to handle multiple offers (a huge win for any seller!) 

Customer Testimonials:

“[Jenny] helped us negotiate a contingency offer on a new home and sale on current home in a short time frame. Within six weeks, we closed on both. Very knowledgeable and good negotiator.”

“Jenny recently listed my home, and within days presented me with multiple offers.”

“[Tim] guided me through a bidding war decision, and I am thrilled with the final results.”

“Tim Gupton…was very knowledgeable and a great negotiator.”

Help stage a home to show well.

First impressions matter, and having a realtor with the understanding of home staging is super-important!  Home staging is near and dear to the hearts of everyone at JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group!  Make sure your home makes a great first impression through home staging!

Customer Testimonials:

“Marsha has great expertise about how to wonderfully stage a home to best appeal to potential buyers.”

“[Tanya] helped us to set up our home for its best sale potential. She did an amazing job with photography, drone footage, and videography, and used those on Zillow and social media. Her overall presentation of our house/property was very impressive.” 

Be attentive to detail.

Details matter.  Especially when buying a home.  The JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group team appreciate the details, and they understand how knowing those details can eliminate hours of frustration when searching for the perfect home! 

Customer Testimonials:

“Jason knew our taste and style and truly worked as hard as he could to find us the perfect home. Several homes we looked at, he just told us he knew it wasn’t our house. Even if we loved it. When we walked into the home, we ended up purchasing [and] he looked us square in the eyes and said, ‘This is it…this is your house.’”

“Marsha is an absolute pleasure to work with. She works diligently to find properties that meet your criteria.”

“I was looking for my forever home, and [Lisa and Makenzie] were right there with me all the way. They found just what I was looking for, including the location and price range!

“Melinda is very easy to work with. She literally handles things before you even think about them.” 

Be knowledgeable about the market, especially for those who are relocating!

A realtor is looked to as the ultimate expert in all things real estate!  So knowing the neighborhoods and community is as important as the houses they list!  The JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group team can guide buyers and sellers accordingly!  Whether the family is moving across town or the country, these are real estate professionals who can guide these major transitions!

Customer Testimonials:

“Marsha has been my agent for many years. She’s knowledgeable about the area and sensitive to our feelings.”

“[Tanya] did not rush to sell me just any house. She was patient and found me the right house in the right neighborhood.”

“Tanya was very helpful and knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we were interested in….”

Be better than their competition.

Every seller wants the best realtor on their side!  With years of experience behind them and well-established expertise in the field and the market, JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group, led by Tim Gupton and Jenny Edwards, is ready to prove themselves to their clients!

Customer Testimonials:

“I had used four different real estate agents over the past six years trying to get these properties sold with no luck. Tanya got them sold right away.”

“I went through two or three other realtors before meeting Tanya. Tanya did more work for me than the other realtors combined.”

Be a dependable and personable professional of integrity!

When you are entrusting the biggest purchase you’ll make to someone else, you rely on them to be dependable and trustworthy!  You are expecting their guidance and the highest degree of professionalism!  You must trust your real estate agent!  Personal and professional integrity are at the heart of Tim and Jenny’s business model.  Their team mirrors their approach for dependability and professionalism!

Customer Testimonials:

“[Tanya] truly cares and tries to help you find the right home for YOU.”

“[Marsha] sold my home when I had all but given up hope—and that’s the very best recommendation I can offer!”

“If you are looking for a realtor that gives her all and makes you feel like you are her only client, then Sara is the one you want!”

JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group is a dynamic real estate firm made up of local experts and professionals.  The testimonials featured speak only to a small collection of the glowing recommendations for the entire team.  Indeed, they represent a distinct brand of excellence in all they do!

JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group is located at 855 Bethesda Road in Winston-Salem. Call the office at 336.955.1230 or visit online at JPARLegacy.com. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

The JP & Associates Realtors® Legacy Group team is comprised of the following dynamic professionals, led by owners Tim Gupton and Jenny Edwards:

  • Makenzie Adams
  • Nichol Calhoun
  • Sara Chandler
  • Sydney Cockerham
  • Samantha Dilmore
  • Kameron Dozier
  • Lisa Goble
  • Alicia Gonzalez
  • Tanya Hill
  • Chris Kaufman
  • Joel Mabe
  • Melinda Merritt
  • Emani Monae
  • Jason Rubley
  • Marsha Postlewaite
  • Megan Pike
  • Susie Speas
  • Sage Tuttle



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