11 Books to Help Children Celebrate the Fourth of July

When you think of the Fourth of July, you think of parties, BBQs, cookouts, parades and fireworks. These events can be fun for kids of all ages. However, these festivities may also hold a little more meaning and celebration for older children and adults because they have a greater understanding of the history and significance behind July 4th. As for younger children, this meaning can still be gained in various ways, such as through books. By reading, flipping through pages and looking at illustrations, kids are able to experience the history while learning about the Fourth of July. From there, the celebrations will be just a little more special. There are many books for your kids to enjoy, including these:

  • O, Say Can You See? by Sheila Keenan
      • In this book, kids will learn about the famous landmarks, symbols and aspects of American life. 
  • America Is…by Louise Borden
      • Another take on the above book with an exploration of the 50 states, familiar landmarks and symbols shown in a patriotic way. 
  • The Bald Eagle by Norman Pearl 
      • Children will learn about the bald eagle, our nation’s symbol of strength and freedom, through the eyes of a bird keeper.
  • America the Beautiful by Katherine Lee Bates 
      • Set to the tune of “America the Beautiful,” the illustrations feature images of America. 
  • We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States by David Catrow 
      • While many of us learned the preamble to the United States Constitution from the classic Schoolhouse Rock episode, this read is a fun-filled look at the beginning of one of America’s most famous documents.
  • Our American Flag by Mary Firestone 
      • Explore the history of the American flag through words and images of this historic symbol of freedom. 
  • How to Make Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A. by Majorie Priceman 
      • A fun take on traveling throughout the United States. A baker needs supplies to create a cherry pie and, while gathering what they need, they travel throughout the 50 states. 
  • A is for Abigail by Lynne Cheney 
      • The founding fathers may get more recognition during our nation’s birthday, but let’s not forget the founding women that also helped shape our country. This book is a child’s encyclopedia of the great American women and their contributions.
  • John, Paul, George, and Ben by Lane Smith
      • George Washington, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere and John Hancock as kids? This children’s tale explores the childhoods of some of the founding fathers. 
  • Who Was…? by Judith Bloom Fradin and Dennis Brindell Fradin 
      • The Who Was…? series is a perfect introduction for elementary and older children. This series features biographies of people who helped build America, such as Henry Ford, Michelle Obama and Jackie Robinson. 
  • Her Right Foot by Dave Eggers 
    • One of the more famous symbols, the Statue of Liberty, actually has a history that not many people know about. As author Dave Eggers says “the symbol of America is a symbol of welcome” and you can learn about it in this timeless children’s book. 

This is just a short list of the many great books to add to a child’s celebration of the Fourth of July. There are also wonderful novels and chapter book series for elementary-aged children, such as The Magic Treehouse series’ Revolutionary War on Wednesday. You never know — reading one of these books may just become a new tradition your family does to honor America’s birthday. 



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