Imprints Cares

Imprints Cares, named for the imprint it makes on a child’s formative years and the caring relationships built with families, is transforming the lives of children and their families in Forsyth County. Having served the community over the last 54 years, their framework of services is centered on family systems and addresses health and educational inequities. Their evidence-based programming provides a holistic, multigenerational approach that promotes positive parenting, improves social determinants of health, and enhances opportunities for children and their families to break the cycle of poverty.

Ready for School programming serves families with children from before birth to age 5. The cornerstone program, Parents as Teachers (PAT) is an international evidence-based curriculum that walks alongside families through intensive home visits, and helps parents prepare their children for school. 

“A parent is a child’s first best teacher, and we support them in achieving goals with their children,” said Executive Director Claudia Barrett. Recently, the Forsyth Futures Data Sharing Project found that students who participated in the PAT program statistically performed one year higher than their peers in literacy, language, math, social-emotional skills and problem-solving abilities.

Expanded Learning provides before and after-school care and a summer enrichment camp for students pre-k through middle school. Imprints Cares employed more than 400 part-time staff through this programming this past school year. More than 2,500 families benefited from these programs as well as more than 1,000 local employers. The economic benefit to the community is substantial. 

In addition, they provide onsite programming for students with exceptional needs. Kerri Sigler, a local domestic violence attorney, has a son who has attended the program for years. “I could not do what I do for domestic violence victims, If Imprints didn’t do what it does for special needs kids.”

Center for Thriving Families

Imprints Cares is entering into its first capital campaign to renovate its new location to create the Center for Thriving Families. This education hub is revitalizing part of our community and will increase the impact in addressing the need for out-of-school care for exceptional students. Through this center, Imprints Cares will be able to serve 100 students every day, who otherwise would not have anywhere else to go.

The Center for Thriving Families is crucial for Imprints Cares to continue addressing unmet educational needs in Forsyth County through early intervention and providing a safe, nurturing learning environment for children and their families. Just last year, Imprints Cares served 11,612 children in Forsyth County. 

Perhaps the best person to convey the impact of Imprints Cares is one of the thousands of children it has helped. Kelsey Camarena, director of development and marketing, was talking to an elementary school student and asked what Imprints Cares meant to her.

The girl talked about learning math and reading, then looked directly at Camarena and said, “It makes me feel good, it makes me feel safe and it makes me feel like family.”

To learn more or support Imprints Cares Center for Thriving Families and programs, visit or call 336.722.6296.


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