“From the Heart” – October 2020

Welcome October!! One of the best things about living where we live is the change in seasons.  And as much as I love summer, by now, we are all usually ready for a break from the heat!  Ready to welcome pumpkin spice and the beautiful color of the changing leaves.  It will be strange not attending the Dixie Classic Fair this year, which would have been its inaugural year as the “Carolina Classic,” and going to the WBFJ Christian concert on Crisis Control Ministry’s free-admission-for-5-cans-night.  But wait!  Our creative friends at WS Fairgrounds have come up with a drive-thru fair night from Oct. 1st-4th!  What?!?  Yes, a free-admission drive-thru with food vendors and other fun options, as well as continuing the tradition to donate food to Crisis Control Ministry!  Check it out on page 47 and CarolinaClassicFair.com – One of the things I have been most impressed with during this pandemic is our ability to adapt!  Think of how many businesses/organizations have found creative solutions to stay safe and still survive!

You may be wondering why there is a picture of cats; let me introduce you to Laverne & Shirley!  They are two famed felines residing at the Tanglewood Park barns. I’ve mentioned my daily walks at Tanglewood Park with my husband many times in the past. Part of my recent routine is to visit these two lovely ladies and sit with them on their favorite bench.  I’ve encountered so many people along the way who do the same, including Emory, pictured above.  She visits them with her handmade toys and loves to play with them on her visits.  They seem to be quite famous so I wanted to share their cuteness…it’s a good life!

October is our annual Fall Home Issue and features Fiddle & Fig, a brand-new store that will also house a wonderful new event space called “Gather.”  You will be blown away by all their wonderful items to make your house a home!  Morgan and Jamie are two dynamic ladies, and I can’t wait for you to meet them!  Morgan is married to my daughter’s husband’s brother and I am thrilled for them to make their debut in Forsyth Family Magazine!

This marks the seventh “From the Heart” I have written since COVID-19. I pray you and your family stay safe and, for now, wear a mask!




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