Goodbye, Summer!—Hello, Fall!

Once the calendar switches to September 1st, many people start thinking about fall. With all the gorgeous colors, delicious smells, and autumn activities, what’s not to love? Yet, the first day of the new season doesn’t begin until Saturday, September 22nd.  As we change from summer to fall, there are many ways to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. Take some time this month to celebrate the two seasons with your loved ones with these fun ideas.

Goodbye, Summer!:  

  • Remember the fun times of summer all year long by creating a photo album. Gather all your pictures from the past few months. Then, design a scrapbook, using colorful paper, stickers, markers, etc. This is a great way to reflect on all the laughs and happy moments your family had during summer 2018. Other creative ways to commemorate the good times include choosing a single photo that summarizes the summer and placing it in a write-on frame. Next, write memories around the picture through phrases and sentences. Always remember to include the year! Another option is by channeling the summer into a journal. Describe events and activities that stick out in your family’s mind, as well as adding in the funny moments. In 20 years, you’ll be glad you penned those memories. Lastly, start a memory box with items that are special to whatever happened throughout the season. Also, include a note, explaining why each object is important.
  • If you like an “animated” aspect to your memories, record interviews of your loved ones about their thoughts on the summer. All you need is a camera to have fun. Be silly with your questions and don’t worry about the bloopers. Candid reflections are often the best. Make sure to save the videos in a protective place.
  • Host a farewell party for your friends, family, and neighbors. Possible themes for your festivities are a beach party, a luau, “under the sea,” a barbecue, etc. Make your decorations to match your theme, if you decide to do one. Cook up summertime foods, ones that are light and multi-colored. Have your party outside and include outdoor games for your guests. Lastly, you really need to have entertainment and music. Maybe watch a summer movie or listen to beach tunes. There is nothing better than ending a season on a high note.

Hello, Fall!:

  • I’ll be honest. Once it becomes September, it is full-on autumn for me and it starts with decorating the house. Pumpkins, leaves, and more make their appearance, and candles that smell like cinnamon and apple pie are burned. There is no shortage of fall decorations in stores, so why not stock up and welcome in the season with lively decorations?
  • Create a seasonal bucket list. Every year, there are certain festivities that I must do, such as going to the fair, shopping for pumpkins, and taking in the hues of the sights outside. Think about events and activities that make fall special for you. Maybe it is baking an apple pie or getting a pumpkin spice latte every morning. Or you might have to go on a bike ride through the mountains or jump in a pile of leaves. Make your bucket list fit you and your lifestyle. In addition, your list will become a tangible memory to add to your collection.
  • Get outside. Autumn is a time of the year when people can enjoy indoors and outdoors. With the weather cooling down, you are able to spend more time outside without sweating through your clothes. Every day, try to do something that isn’t confined to inside. If possible, always bring your camera to capture the images of those around you and the images of the season.

This time of the year is a favorite for many people. The activities above can be interchanged for any season and can be used as either a goodbye or a hello. Enjoy the new season and make the most of fall 2018!


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