Daddy-Daughter Date Nights

Growing up, I was able to experience a truly special relationship with my dad. I have such amazing memories from what we called our “daddy-daughter dates.” These dates would sometimes consist of special outings and experiences, or just having dinner together. I always treasured these moments and now I treasure those memories. I remember my father, John, would even dress up and ring the doorbell to pick me up with flowers for these dates when I was young. The activities we did were so much fun, but it was my dad’s intentionality that made the deep and special impression on my heart and still brings tears of joy to my eyes. One of my favorite memories of a daddy-daughter date night was when we went to dance, got ice cream, and had a snowball fight afterwards. Another memory I love was when we went to the mall and petted stingrays; I was splashed by the water, and we shopped for a new outfit! Whatever we would do on the daddy-daughter date nights, I felt special and thankful for each moment in that time together.

Fathers have such a purpose and a special calling when it comes to their daughters’ lives and hearts. No matter how old or young a daughter is, her father’s love and kindness mean the world to her. Making a daughter feel loved doesn’t have to be an extravagant or materialistic effort, but just a daily choice to make her feel seen, known, and loved. It is the little things in everyday life that add up to a full heart. Young girls experience so much pressure and judgment these days. Having a father who can speak encouragement, truth, and love into a daughter’s life is priceless. There are so many things that girls feel like they need to be in order to be “good enough,” or liked. When a father intentionally loves his daughter as she is, it greatly increases her self-confidence and ability to love herself, no matter what she hears from others throughout life. 

There are many different things to do for dad-daughter date nights. For younger daughters, consider going to the zoo, a park, doing sidewalk chalk, walking around Tanglewood, or baking cupcakes at home! For older daughters, maybe go to a concert, a movie, take a painting class, or get ice cream. Try out rotating who picks the activity; maybe dad will pick this week and daughter will pick the next. 

Philip Morgan, father of 14-year-old Leah Morgan, prioritizes uninterrupted time with his daughter each week. When describing their time together, he said, “We talk candidly about her life and her passions. We talk about school and relationships. Sometimes conversations are deep and meaningful. I always want her to be encouraged, to grow in her confidence in herself and who she is in Christ. I want her to learn about healthy relationships and hopefully to share some wisdom about how to navigate growing up in this broken world.” 

As Father’s Day approaches, take advantage of this holiday! If you are a mother or wife, try to plan a day when your child and their father can create special memories together. If you are a father, it is never too late or early to begin this daddy-daughter date tradition! Maybe the two of you will go on a walk and color, go to a movie and dinner, or just put on some music in the living room and dance! Don’t worry about what the activity is, just focus on the intention and attention. Daughters crave time and love from their fathers, and setting aside a daddy-daughter date night every once in a while is a special way to fill up a daughter’s heart. 



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