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For Morgan Holt and Jamie Lapp, entrepreneurship wasn’t a matter of if, but only a matter of when. They both had a deep love for home décor and gathering together with their families and friends—and both were decidedly determined to find a way to embrace that drive.  However, it wasn’t until a family connection united them that they found a common love which would enable them to form a partnership based on their shared passions.

Morgan shared, “I got to know Jamie through my brother, and as our families began to spend more time together, Jamie and I bonded quickly.”

Jamie agreed, “My daughter’s relationship with Morgan’s brother introduced our families.  We were living in Pennsylvania at the time, and whenever Morgan and her family came to visit, I was excited to show Morgan around!  She shared my love for shopping and home décor, and I enjoyed taking her to my favorite stores.  We discovered that we have the same style and similar taste in decor.”

At the time, though, joining together as business owners with their husbands still wasn’t on the radar.  But a series of events ultimately culminated in an opportunity. “My husband and I were in Dallas for a conference,” shared Jamie. “The conference was hosted by the ‘Half-Time Institute,’ for those of us at the mid-point in life who were exploring the options of how to spend the next stage of life. While we were there, I visited Joanna Gaines’ store, Magnolia, and was immediately taken with the experiential charm of the store and grounds.  My husband encouraged me to explore the idea of opening my own retail space.  And then, shortly after that, Morgan called.”

Morgan proposed the idea of opening a retail business together. “Jamie was a little hesitant because it would mean a move for them,” recalled Morgan. “But she promised that if I found the retail space, she would consider it.  And two weeks later, I found it.”

Morgan definitely possesses an entrepreneurial spirit but she also loves her job of 6 years as a civil litigation and personal injury lawyer with Holton Law Firm in Winston-Salem.  And as it turned out, her role as a lawyer served her well as she began to make plans with Jamie.  Morgan shared, “I draft and review contracts and leases frequently, and I’m also experienced in business formation and the ins and outs of commercial renovation projects. I got to know Joe and Jodi Williams of LMI Builders when they renovated our office on Fifth Street in 2016.  In early 2019, I told Joe I was looking for retail space. He recently had discovered the perfect location.”

“So I called Jamie, and she agreed to come and visit the space.  Everything fell into place from there.  We decided to name our store Fiddle & Fig because we both purchased Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees around the time we decided to pursue the business, and often discussed their particular, but simple, requirements; but then—COVID  happened.”

Jamie continued, “My husband and I made the move to Winston-Salem, knowing that we had a tremendous opportunity to create something special.  Our initial plans were to open the store in the Spring of 2020, but after COVID created havoc for everyone, we instead focused on creating an online store for local pick-up.  In a way, the delay actually helped us.  It forced us to stay focused, generate more online and word-of-mouth support, and take our time getting things ready for the space.”

“Now, we are even more excited to welcome everyone in October.  The delay has helped us prepare, and this is not just a store—this is an experience.”

“It absolutely is an experience, and while we are not exactly like Magnolia,” Jamie said, “They have offered a lot of inspiration for how we’ll do things.  One of the things I love about Winston-Salem is its similarities to my hometown of Lancaster, PA, and there’s nothing like Fiddle & Fig in the area.  You might be able to find something like it in Charlotte, but this is definitely a new thing for Winston-Salem.”

“Plus,” said Morgan, “We are working with LMI Builders and without them, this wouldn’t have been possible for us.  Joe and Jodi have been instrumental in much of the revitalization in Winston-Salem.  From the work they did at Incendiary Brewing Co. and Cugino Forno, Wake Forest BioTech Place and Bailey Park Amphitheatre, Bookmarks of Winston-Salem, to the very law office in which I practice—the Williams’s have a true heart for the success of the community.  We have been working with them on this new space and are excited to share it with Winston-Salem and the West End. We’re going to have ample parking and the almost 3-acre property will be a place to come as a family; mom can shop while dad and the kids grab some snacks from Lavender & Honey and hang out on the grounds.  Plus, we have some other great things that will be happening too, including Food Truck Fridays and community dinners with our neighbors and other local businesses.”

Jamie said, “Although the retail space for Fiddle & Fig is the biggest part of the business, our vision didn’t end there.  Morgan and I both love the art of hospitality.  We have a designated space called “Gather by Fiddle & Fig.” Gather is a little over 1,000 sq. ft. and will be available for rent for those seeking to host anything from a baby or bridal shower to a corporate meeting or dinner.  The space will be furnished with tables, chairs, and we will have a small kitchen for those who want to bring food and drinks in for their event.  Event décor can also be rented from the store.”

“Beyond event rental, we’ll also be utilizing the Gather space for classes,” said Morgan. “We’ll be hosting wreath making, floral arranging, and hair and make-up tutorial classes, all taught by local businesses.  We’ll be sharing more about our classes on our social media channels.”

“And there’s no one we’re more enthusiastic about recommending than our soon-to-be-neighbors, Lavender & Honey Kitchen and Alkali Hair Studio.  Lavender & Honey features amazing heirloom recipes. You aren’t a Winston-Salem resident until you’ve had a Lavender & Honey cinnamon roll.”

“We hope to be an inspiration for growth and community—for our staff, customers, and Winston-Salem as a whole,” said Morgan. “While I will continue with my legal career, Jamie will oversee the day-to-day operations of Fiddle & Fig along with our team.”

“We want our community to come here to gather and embrace their own homes through the help of Fiddle & Fig,” said Jamie.  “Morgan and I are two moms who simply love to make our home life memorable and inviting.  And our inventory makes it easy for anyone to do the same in their own home.  Our store is full of home accessories and furnishings that are neutral, and we offer the occasional pop of color.  This strategic method enables people to truly tailor their purchases to fit their own signature style and décor—as well as repurpose it when it’s time for a fresh new look.”

“We hope you’ll stop by! We’ve been eagerly waiting to welcome Winston-Salem as a part of our Fiddle & Fig family.”

Fiddle & Fig is located at 403 West End Boulevard in Winston-Salem.  Call the store at (336) 283-9220 and visit online at Fiddle & Fig’s new location includes neighboring businesses Lavender & Honey Kitchen and Alkali Hair Studio.  Look for announcements about Food Truck Fridays, Community Dinners, and other events for the whole family to enjoy!  Be sure to like Fiddle & Fig and Gather on Facebook and follow them on Instagram – @fiddleandfigmarket & @gather.wsnc.


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