The View from My Section: Yin and Yang

Young people take notice. February is the traditional month to celebrate love. And, just as holidays can induce sadness for lost loved ones, February can induce similar reactions to not being in a relationship (reference the movie “Valentine’s Day”). The challenge is, finding love, or “the one,” is an arduous task. One isn’t guaranteed this […]

The View from My Section – A Father’s Perspective

“Little boy blue and the man in the moon…” There’s an interesting posting on social media by entrepreneur and writer Sahil Bloom. In it, he summarizes six graphs of data (source: American Time Use Survey. Our World in Data.) on how humans spend their time throughout most of their life (age 15 to 85), divided […]

The View from My Section Perspective—It Changes Everything

11 construction workers 840 feet above Manhattan, on the 69th floor of what is now the GE Building, just casually eating lunch and having a smoke. Seemingly oblivious to the immense danger that surrounds them. Oh, and I failed to mention, they’re on a single thin steel beam that we can only assume is solidly […]

The View from My Section

Are emotions contagious? There’s a psychological phenomenon called emotional contagion that implies emotions produce energy that can be transferred from person to person. A typical example would be a coach’s pregame speech to psych up his team before a big game. Another might be an animated, highly emotional church sermon. Few would argue the energy […]

TVFMS – A Father’s Perspective

A Senior Woman with a Freshman Mind Years ago, in my junior year of college as I sat in my Art History class on the first night, I witnessed an elderly woman sitting on the far side of the room intentionally spacing herself a small distance from the rest of the class. I could tell […]