I Miss the ‘80s

Once every seven days, we stopped what we were doing to intently listen to a man with the perfect radio voice countdown the Top 40 hits of the week. Would […]

Growing Love

As I begin my 49th journey around the sun, I find myself reminiscing more and more about the sweeter and simpler times in my life. It’s something I think about […]

Gerti’s Lane

As I look back on 49 years of life, I can see many different roads in my past. Some of those roads were high-speed interstates where the years flew by […]

Thank You for Your Service

I was in the lobby of the hotel in San Antonio getting coffee. It was still extremely early in the morning, and the only other soul up and about was […]


Even after my adoption, my paternal grandmother would regularly send me care packages from upstate New York to my new home in Virginia.  As an adult, I’m much more aware […]


Shattered. I stood shattered in my disbelief, looking down at my life in a million pieces strewn across the floor. It wasn’t the first time. And it certainly wouldn’t be […]

Something You Never Forget

If you have ever taken a long road trip, and you know the sitting-in-a-car-for-more-than-seven-hours-that-never-seems-like-it’s-going-to-end-trip, then you also know how most of that journey is a blur. If someone were to […]

What Could Have Been

With a dead stare, I sat in the principal’s office.  Again.  Except this time, with two grim-faced police officers looming over me. Words swirled around me in the air like […]

7th-Grade Heartbreak

Ahhh, young love.  Boy meets girl. Boy shares his gummy bears with girl at the lunchroom table. Love blossoms. All is right with the world—until the following week when girl […]