It’s Elementary

I walked through the front door of Stuarts Draft Elementary School a shy, timid six-year-old. My kindergarten year at Wetmore Elementary School in Utica, New York, was more of a […]

I Miss the ‘80s

Once every seven days, we stopped what we were doing to intently listen to a man with the perfect radio voice countdown the Top 40 hits of the week. Would […]

Growing Love

As I begin my 49th journey around the sun, I find myself reminiscing more and more about the sweeter and simpler times in my life. It’s something I think about […]

Gerti’s Lane

As I look back on 49 years of life, I can see many different roads in my past. Some of those roads were high-speed interstates where the years flew by […]

Thank You for Your Service

I was in the lobby of the hotel in San Antonio getting coffee. It was still extremely early in the morning, and the only other soul up and about was […]


Even after my adoption, my paternal grandmother would regularly send me care packages from upstate New York to my new home in Virginia.  As an adult, I’m much more aware […]


Shattered. I stood shattered in my disbelief, looking down at my life in a million pieces strewn across the floor. It wasn’t the first time. And it certainly wouldn’t be […]

Something You Never Forget

If you have ever taken a long road trip, and you know the sitting-in-a-car-for-more-than-seven-hours-that-never-seems-like-it’s-going-to-end-trip, then you also know how most of that journey is a blur. If someone were to […]

What Could Have Been

With a dead stare, I sat in the principal’s office.  Again.  Except this time, with two grim-faced police officers looming over me. Words swirled around me in the air like […]