It’s A Grand Life – Christmas Memories

My husband and I recently, and finally, moved into our new home. It was a slow process with so many delays that I had my doubts we would ever see it finished. And, though there are still things to do, the main items needed to live comfortably are done. This season is one of thanks, […]

It’s A Grand Life – Call It Autumn or Fall, I’m Just Happy It’s Here!

As a child, I was fortunate enough to live in an area that saw four definite seasons. In winter, I knew there would be snow, sledding, ice skating, school closings, hot chocolate, s’mores, and fires in the fireplace. Spring brought warmer days, kite flying, trees, once bare, now with beautiful green leaves, flowers blooming, butterflies, […]

It’s A Grand Life – Diving Into The Gene Pool

Recently, my hairdresser and I were talking about our children and my grandchildren. She asked if my girls had hair as dark as mine and if any of them had my hazel eyes. I was shocked that she noticed the color of my eyes since most everyone referred to my eyes as brown. It took […]

It’s A Grand Life – Bring On Autumn and New Challenges

After a long and very hot summer, it will soon be the wonderful season of autumn. The cooler weather, fires in the fireplace, beautiful fall leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, ice hockey – what’s not to love about this time of year? It also means schools are back in session. As long ago as it was, […]

It’s A Grand Life – Time with the Grands

For those reading this article, summer is drawing to a close. For me, with article deadlines, it has barely begun. Other than the heat and humidity that can be extreme when living on the coast, I love summer. School is out which means more time to spend with my grandchildren. Except, I discovered, for all […]

It’s A Grand Life – Summer Memories – Remembering Old, Making New

Some of my fondest memories took place during my childhood summers. The school year never ended before June 15th, unless that date was a Saturday or Sunday. The exception was my high school graduation which took place on June 9th, a week earlier than the rest of the students. Those last couple of weeks dragged, […]

It’s A Grand Life – Yes, It Really Is!

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in traffic while running errands when it suddenly hit me how content and happy I am with my life. It’s not that this was the first time, my life has always been blessed, but there was something a bit different about this feeling. In 1998, a movie […]

It’s A Grand Life – Starting Over with A Puppy

Many, many moons ago when I was a child, I remember always having a pet. My sister and I had parakeets, goldfish, ducks, a rabbit – mind you, not all at the same time, but not your typical cat or dog. My parents were not fans of cats, even though my sister loved them, so […]

It’s A Grand Life – Let There Be Peace on Earth

I will admit, this has been a tough article to write. The last couple of years, the world has been on a roller coaster with so many ups and downs, curves and straightaways, we wonder when the ride will end and what the end will be. What will this year bring – heck, what will […]

It’s A Grand Life – Kindness, Leading By Example

Our country has gone through a horrible pandemic that has changed our lives in numerous ways for the last two years. We have stayed away from family and friends, as well as seen our schools, churches, and businesses closed, bringing hardships on everyone. Along with shutdowns, there has also been a sense of dread and […]