It’s A Grand Life – Gigi’s Memories and Ones in the Making

September is here which means summer is over. I realize it’s not officially over until the 23rd, but once school starts, schedules are re-established, sports practices, games and out-of-town tournaments replace the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. It also reminds me of how very lucky I am to live next and near to four […]

It’s A Grand Life – Back to School They Go

Writing a column for a magazine is interesting. Right now, I am sitting on my dock, listening to the gentle lapping of waves, watching birds diving into the water hoping to catch a fish, enjoying a soft breeze that feels wonderful on a hot, humid summer day, and thinking about what to write. It is […]

It’s A Grand Life – Moving On

by SUSAN WOODALL I recently reviewed some of my past articles and realized that my bio at the end had not been updated in quite some time. Neither has my picture. I think the picture was taken about 10 years ago. I despise having my photograph taken, but I will try to update the current […]

It’s A Grand Life – Summer Fun

Except for the heat and humidity, I love this time of year. The hectic pace slows down, and there is more time to spend with the grandchildren. School is out, most extracurricular activities are over until school starts again, pools open, and abundant options of places to go and things to do present themselves. During […]

It’s A Grand Life – Wading Through Difficult Waters

Recently, I met a friend for lunch. She had arrived at the restaurant ahead of me and was in a conversation with another couple. I didn’t know them, but introductions were made. After a few minutes, my friend and I moved on to our table. While waiting for our food to come, she began to […]

It’s A Grand Life – Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung – although, since flowers and trees started blooming in February… Anyway, I digress. I love spring – Mother Nature does a beautiful job of surrounding us with vibrant colors that stretch from the sky to the ground. The temperatures let us know that we can store our winter clothes, keeping out a […]

It’s A Grand Life – Keep Making Sweet Memories

Recently, we took our biennial family trip to Disney World. This trip is something I look forward to as much, if not more, than the grandchildren do. Thanks to Google, a few weeks after returning from our wonderful trip, photos of past trips started showing up. I will admit they tugged at my heartstrings.  The […]

It’s A Grand Life – Keeping the Faith

The holidays are behind us, and winter is truly here. On a cold, rainy day, I can most likely be found curled up on a sofa with a cup of tea and one of several options to keep me from a task I should be doing. On a recent day, I was catching up on […]

It’s A Grand Life – Christmas Memories

My husband and I recently, and finally, moved into our new home. It was a slow process with so many delays that I had my doubts we would ever see it finished. And, though there are still things to do, the main items needed to live comfortably are done. This season is one of thanks, […]

It’s A Grand Life – Call It Autumn or Fall, I’m Just Happy It’s Here!

As a child, I was fortunate enough to live in an area that saw four definite seasons. In winter, I knew there would be snow, sledding, ice skating, school closings, hot chocolate, s’mores, and fires in the fireplace. Spring brought warmer days, kite flying, trees, once bare, now with beautiful green leaves, flowers blooming, butterflies, […]

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