My Prayer-Full Life

So far this year – we’ve covered “My Grace-Full-Life,” followed by “Peace-Full,” “Mercy-Full,” “Joy-Full,” “Faith-Full,” “Hope-Full,” “Truth-Full,” “Fruit-Full,” and “Mind-Full.”  After this issue, we’ll wrap up the year with “My […]

Working the Core

A friend at the gym recently told me that I should try “hot yoga.”  A vision of a wizened old man wearing a loincloth sitting in a lotus position, dripping […]

All About Ephesians

Ephesians is a letter written by a man named Paul, who is likely to have written this as he was sitting in prison. Paul had previously been a missionary to […]

The Church’s PR Problem

Several years ago, my denomination came out with a new marketing campaign, “ReThink Church.”  I thought it was extremely timely. Don’t get me wrong.  I fully realize I am no […]

My Mind-Full Life

We’re in the home stretch of this series based on My Grace-Full Life.  We wrap up in December, and with only four more issues to go – this month, we’re […]