Moving From Hot Mess to God’s Best in 2023

by LESLIE SPEAS Are you a hot mess? Or, maybe just a warm one? Let’s just go ahead and admit that we all have our messy moments. For me (and I think for many of us), it’s mostly things that originate in my mind that contribute to my mess. Comparison, guilt, fear, rejection, people-pleasing and […]

Different Ways We Connect with God

Our God is so good, so intentional, and so creative! Just by taking a deep breath and looking around, we can see that the Lord has designed so many things with special care. From the nature we see outside, to the human body, to the ability to have electricity and technology, God has allowed us […]

My Worship-Full Life

Last January, I began a variation of “My Grace-Full Life,” focusing on different ways to be “full.”  This year, we’ve covered “Peace-Full,” “Mercy-Full,” “Joy-Full,” “Faith-Full,” “Hope-Full,” “Truth-Full,” “Fruit-Full,” “Mind-Full,” “Prayer-Full,” and “Thank-Full.”  This is the final one– “My Worship-Full Life.”   “Worship” was my 2022 Word of the Year.  And true to form, as is always […]

How to Read Your Bible

Candy Sakarapanee is a wise, godly, and special lady that has been a very influential mentor and encouragement to me throughout life. One of the things she taught me that sticks with me to this day was her emphasis on the importance of the knowledge of Scripture. She would point us to the verse in […]

Forgetful Israelites

“The Exodus,” translated as “the way out,” is when the people of Israel had a way out of Israel after the plagues. According to Exodus 12:37, there were about 600,000 men counted, and on top of that there were also women, children, and livestock. Exodus 12:50 says, “All of the people of Israel did just […]

A Whiner’s Guide to Gratitude

If you are like me, you have an “inner whiner.”  For example, you are at the beach on vacation, and you think, “Ugh, it’s too hot! Or after eating a meal out, “Yuck, I am so full!” or on a rainy Saturday, “Arggg, I am so bored!” We don’t consider the fact that most people […]

My Thank-Full Life

We’re in the home stretch of this “full-ness” project that began last January.  And this month is about “My Thank-Full Life.”  It may seem like a Captain Obvious choice for November…but thankfulness is an attribute that is essential in a Christian’s life.   In some ways—it’s easy to be thankful.  I’m thankful for my home…I’m thankful […]

Working the Core

A friend at the gym recently told me that I should try “hot yoga.”  A vision of a wizened old man wearing a loincloth sitting in a lotus position, dripping sweat, flitted across my mind.  “Hmmm, I don’t think that is my kind of thing,” I said.  He persisted.  “Ron, I am telling you, it […]

My Prayer-Full Life

So far this year – we’ve covered “My Grace-Full-Life,” followed by “Peace-Full,” “Mercy-Full,” “Joy-Full,” “Faith-Full,” “Hope-Full,” “Truth-Full,” “Fruit-Full,” and “Mind-Full.”  After this issue, we’ll wrap up the year with “My Thank-Full Life” and “My Worship-Full Life.”  But before we get there, this month, it’s about “My Prayer-Full Life.”   When I was a little girl, I […]

All About Ephesians

Ephesians is a letter written by a man named Paul, who is likely to have written this as he was sitting in prison. Paul had previously been a missionary to the city of Ephesus, a huge city that was the popular place for Greek and Roman gods to be worshiped. As Paul lived on mission […]