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Michael grew up as a military offspring (more favorable term than ‘military brat’) and lived in a variety of places from Hawaii to Scotland.  He settled here in NC back in 2002 and met his lovely wife Elizabeth in 2004.  They have been married since 2007, have one son named Gabriel and are the proud subordinates to a lively golden retriever named Max! You can find Michael writing for magazines such as LKN, Forsyth Family and Forsyth Woman on a fairly regular basis.   He also has a robust side business doing voiceover work for companies and audiobooks when he’s not coaching Gabriel’s soccer and basketball teams.  He loves all of these outlets to be able to exercise his reading, writing (but zero arithmetic) skills.

Show Your Work!

“Be Sure to Show Your Work!” These are dreaded words emanating from math teachers.   My 12-year-old son detests these words as much as I

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How Sweet It Is

Dessert—many believe it should be its own food group.  It is the denouement to the perfect meal and can make or break a dining experience.

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