Mallory Harmon

Forsyth Magazines Intern and Writer since 2016. Mallory Harmon is originally from Rock Hill, SC and once spent a full year on a family RV road trip, when they visited all 48 states in the continental US! Mallory is home-schooled and will be graduating in 2017. After graduation, she will follow in her two older sister’s footsteps and attend Covenant College in Georgia. Mallory will major in journalism. She is the author of two columns in Forsyth Magazines — FORsyth Teens by Teens in Forsyth Family and A Day in the Life of… in Forsyth Woman. In her spare time, Mallory enjoys reading, writing, acting, and watercolor painting.

Prom Photos

Before going to prom, there are a lot of components to consider: the dress, the suit, the restaurant, the flowers, the after-party; but one thing

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For Teens By Teens: With Great Power

“We are all journalists now.”~Engin Onder, founder of 140 Journos “Today, we are ALL journalists.”~Michael Rosenblum, founding father of videojournalism   These two quotes may,

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Fake News

Not only is fake news so much of a nuisance that people have begun to mistrust every fact they find on social media, but it

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