Leslie Speas

Leslie Speas is a local author who has written two books – Confessions of a Hot Mess: From Mess to MESSage and From Hot Mess to God’s Best. She shares her “hot mess” through her books and blog to help others with theirs. Leslie has had a long career as a Human Resources leader working in the manufacturing, healthcare, service, and technology industries. She is currently Managing Partner of InfluencHeR Consulting, an HR and Organizational Development Consulting Firm based in Winston-Salem. You can follow Leslie on her “hot mess” website – www.lesliespeas.com. – or her business website www.influencherconsulting.com

Fear is a Bully

What is the main thing that holds us back in our lives? I believe it to be FEAR. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not having

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How to Stop the Drama Triangle

Do you have drama in your workplace? Apparently, most of us do. Research shows that the average employee spends two hours and 26 minutes per day on drama and emotional

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